The Voice Den Session

Voice in Canada


As, Terry here with your flash briefing. Today's a big big day for well for all of us. Northern Voice. Have a big event going on and it is the voice Dan now as I mentioned yesterday, the voice Dan is all about having conversations with the voice linzers the key leaders in the voice tech industry. Today we have five incredible voice ones is joining us on the show. They are Julie, Daniel Davis otherwise known as lady lightning fingers you'll have to tune into C- why that is her nickname we've Alan Firstenberg otherwise known as prisoner. We have Roger Kibi known as the evangelist. Bob. Stolberg known as the anomaly and James Lajos just simply known as low e you have to tune in for information on that it's going to be a lot of fun. It's a free event. Thanks to the sponsorship of Amazon Lexi and I am going to be announcing the beginning of A. Contest that actually involves this very flash briefing voice in Canada. So if you listen to this flash briefing, you are already doing much what you need to do to enter this contest and the contest is going to have some incredible prices. In fact, the Grand Prize package is worth over two thousand dollars and that's the United States. Always, we've got a whole bunch of great partners that are helping to to support this and give away some of the prizes. Some of the companies include a ten live audio brain dabble lab hereafter speak to Web Vixen labs voice launch. Voice flow and voice ex pede. So. Consider this your personal invitation to join us on the voice today five o'clock Pacific. Just go to the voice end dot com to reserve your seat. I've also got a couple of other surprise announcements. That are going to be happening as well. So of stuff going on lots of exciting things and I hope I'll see you there the boys dot com talk delaitre.

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