Is Europe copying Victoria's lockdown strategy?



Say Norman. Let's talk about a place, which is now imposing a five Columba travel limit You can't go to the body shop anymore he conquered the beauty salons jeans I'm not talking about Victoria I'm talking about I land and it looks like pices in Europe adopting some USTRALIAN stall approaches to curbing coronavirus. Yes. Because despite all the complaints about lockdown in Victorian has unnecessary M- should. Just. Let it go climbing from some sources and how in complaining not letting up quickly enough lockdown is actually all you can do when it's getting out of control I mean as a Stralia being used as an example to the world or is this just best practice? No matter where you are let's talk about Ireland for a moment, which is a country that's got a smaller population than Victoria bending how you define. It is right about five million people in the past month if at seventeen thousand cases past week seven, thousand by yesterday twelve, hundred cases in a single day. So. That's getting pretty worrying from them and they they're locked on looks remarkably similar to victorious yet they're going into heights lockdown of his six weeks well, in Victoria. That wasn't long enough. Do you think they might extend it? Well, it's hard to say and it goes on modelling the Senate got more cases and more virus circulating and as we've said. Before on Corona, Cast University of Sydney modeling showed that for every day you delay lock tone when you're out of control, it's a week at the other end, which is one reason why Victoria has gone on a bit longer they try to ring-fence thirty six suburbs. It didn't work and that delayed things by a couple of weeks and we've probably shortened it by lot. At, the end effect on that but that's engine. Now the sorted out and the hopefully, we'll get done very levels, but it depends on how much virus there is around week or so ago a senior person at the W. H. O., the World Health Organization was saying lockdowns shouldn't be the primary way that countries control Khurana, virus, and that sort of headline went out. And I think a of the new Scott got in it because we are seeing countries using lockdown and it can be effective. So where's the? Where's the nuance here? So that's certainly not what was being said last week courting the World Health, organization and we for Monday's synthetically report I interviewed Dr Dave Navarro. Who's in fact, the same health official he's professor of public. Health. Imperial College London and his Special Envoy to World Health Organization on Covid Nineteen, and he feels that he's been misrepresented his view is that sure down is not the first thing that you do. It's not your primary means of control. Your primary means of control has to be testing and contact tracing and quarantine in isolation of the people you find in that process. However he does say that you can get to a point where locked is the only thing that you can do and you should use that lockdown to improve your contact and testing regime. And in fact, if you look at Victoria, that's really although in the first wave, that's what we did as a nation back in March we got our act together in terms of contact tracing. There are still deficiencies in Victoria and they have used the last few weeks to get much better and so the contact tracing regime now in Victoria is fantastic there. quickly, the locking off mystery cases in super-quick time, and that's what you've gotta get. So then fighting the of used that time well. It's not that they're against lockdown. It's just that it has its place. and. When you when it's out of control, the way it is in Europe you've actually got to be able to do that another problem. And, I don't know what they've done in Ireland here. But the problem is the borders and it was a really interesting study the other day looking counties in the United. States and showing that cross-border flow was a very important factor in both the sustenance and the growth of SARS COV to infections. and. If you don't control your borders and you still got people coming in from outside, it's very hard to get this done and on control it. So so really European. Countries are trying to do this with one hand tied behind their bank. Britain and Ireland could control their borders because they're islands but it's harder for other nations exactly and can we just come back to smoking before about Australia and we are doing the numbers that are coming out now looking really really promising do how close are we to having zero spread here in Australia, we're almost there new south. Wales still has cases popping up Victoria might get there before New South Wales because they're still in lockdown and those extra few days of Lockton make make all the difference I think New South Wales it's going to be really hard but they're. You know they're getting on top of it too. I think we're going to be very, very tiny sprayed, and maybe in Victoria, they'll get done to zero spread. And that will make it much easier to open things

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