Nigerian forces accused of killing anti-police brutality protesters


In Nigeria, where security forces have opened fire on anti government demonstrators in Lagos. This is what it sounded like. Sit down. Sit down. You can hear people telling everyone to sit down in the hope that they wouldn't be shot. We heard earlier on this program from a witness. Who said that he counted 20 fallen protesters around him. The incident took place at 6 45. We were told last night in the suburb of Lucky. This is quite an upmarket area in Lagos. It was where crowds had bean blocking traffic a toll booth at a pinch point. Basically, they were blocking traffic, causing trouble in pursuit of their campaign against police brutality and SARS. Let's speak now to someone Who was there? Certainly in the early stages of the demonstrations, not lost eagle who joins us now? Thank you very much indeed. For coming on and trying Tio, help us or help us tryingto enlightened people about what actually happened now what stage were you at the demonstration? Cause I understood that you left. Why did you leave? Yeah, it becomes so, so terrible And the situation went out of town. When the military listening they came in on when they came in. It thought we thought they were China, you know? Guardo's, You know, but all of the saddle in the open fire on a little people saw such enjoy about this morning about 52 people. We shut down so it was soaked arable and you can see the puts off the light so that we could get a clear shot off what was happening on the area and also understand the the security cameras that might have provided images of what was going on. Also got taken down now. Didn't that That gave you a warning, didn't it? You and the other protesters that something was going to happen? That was the one but you can see the food That was for Vita that it was very, very peaceful. We will hold no weapons. There was no where person, So we only have been a drunk like you see, people were sitting down on the ground because then first on Was not a fight. You understand that, and that's a very important point to make, because elsewhere, the authorities have said some of these protests have turned violent or violent elements have tried to take advantage You're saying at lucky last night, there was no violence offered a tall Can I ask you about one particular thing? I'm sure you have seen. The army on its official Twitter handle has been saying this is all fake news. The army was never there. You saw the army. How do you know that They were the Army. Because we're house on putting this off If you need me to provide that for you going to do is footage is off the army when they were shooting on that one. You guys didn't get the footage. We have it. I was 12 the don't know on DH. You know, it's the Army. Why? Because they had uniforms. Yes, they have uniforms. This. You know, this thing's was building that the evidence didn't hide behind. The issue. No own uniforms. The killed are very close. And it's very difficult to get to the bottom of what's going on, particularly how many people were injured. You. You mentioned the figure of around 50. Now That's the first time that I've heard that figure. What What are you basing that on? Is that what people are saying at the moment before saying that life was put on After I left yesterday, but on you consider people were you know down on this truth, reason why you're not getting the actual father of budding stories because the government is involved. They are trying. They are trying to hide his story because they need what they have done. This is really evil. This is bad. The kid's on citizens. This is suddenly I wasn't able to get those politicals people school so terrible a slight but when you see when, but when you see what happened to demonstrations. Are you going to go back to the street? Will you carry on protesting? You know, for now, For now, we have two weeks before the officials on what to do, because we don't know now how this situation is going to be because we can't trust nobody in the government of females in this country. We don't like that coming. But if people go back on the street again, so wait have We have to settle down. I really thought about this carefully because this is a question of Marchal. Pound it, So listen. Thank you very much indeed. For joining us Stay safe as well, Whatever you decide to do next, No Celestina, one of the people who was there in the early stages of the incident at Lucky. Yesterday evening in

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