First impressions: new iPhone 12 Pro

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Slash talking. I happen to have one of those new iphone twelve's in my hand and my friend rich demure. Oh, he's got one too and I really wanted to compare notes with him now that the phone which will actually be out on Friday October twenty third but we got some sneak peeks at it. I been fun primarily with the camera that is the number one selling point. It's a little Zippier just a little dip. You're at least as far as I'm concerned rich who has also written. A book about the Iphone, what are your thoughts so far? Well, I love of the design that is my favorite part of this, but it's it's very true. It reminds me of an old iphone I can't remember if it was like the five or the four, but it has a very retro designed that I really like and I prefer this more squared off kind of edges versus the much more rounder design they've been going with in recent years and I also like the size of the. I've I've got the the twelve and the twelve perot, not the Max not the many and they're both identical in size and I really liked the size of the six point one inch screen. Yeah. It was the first thing that I you can't. You can't help but notice his. Wow, it feels different. It looks different. It feels boxing not as not as rounded. It's not going to matter to most people because there's going to be a case on it and they'll never know, right. I think that's so funny and there's there's a couple of nuances with the case situation. So on the pro, the back is much more matt and it doesn't pick up fingerprints but the sides on that phone pick up a lot of fingerprints on twelve the back picks up a ton of fingerprints but the sides don't pick up any fingerprints but again, the first thing that ninety nine point, nine percent of people. Do, is put their phone in the case and so none of that's going to matter and even the color you get and the styling unless you get a see-through case, it's all fine. Now as far as speed goes mice linked TV APP opened in one second versus two seconds on the previous phone, and that's been about on par. I don't think most people will see the speed. Have you seen the speed? I I think that it's going to be Zippier I. Mean Apple historically their processors I think are the best on smartphones. They're very, very fast and they don't make a big deal about how much ram is in the phone with android phones. It's all about the specs this you just know it's going to perform really well. Doesn't perform really well for the first year. It performs really well for like a couple years you know, and so even my pro Max. It's still doing pretty good my eleven and but I have noticed a little hesitation here and there with the software So I'm I'm ready for the newer speed. It's the camera cameras that while it camera is advertised as being way better in low light I went into the closet and I closed the door practically the entire way leaving just a crack open. So I get a little hint of light and it's night and day I mean the shots I did on the eleven are totally black and the shots I did on the twelve look like lit lights Ms Amazing Wow that is amazing and there's much more you can do with the cameras. Including the front and the back cameras, the wide angle camera is also better improved. I have not had a chance to play with the cameras in various low lighting situations just yet, but that is always the reason why people want to upgrade its really the camera for me. Personally, it's always the camera. Video do a lot of photos. So if I can get even you know ten percent better camera situation out of this phone to me it's worth it. Now I think for the rest of folks that are you know they got a phone in the past two or three years To me, it's almost more annoying to have to switch everything over right. You gotta switch over your whole case in your accessories, and this is what the accessory. You're not switching over you're buying all new. At this point? Yeah. So you are buying all new because you've got to get new a new adapter if you don't have USB see. I did think the box was interesting I. I can't believe how tiny the boxes I know.

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