Coronavirus cases surge in Chicago, Illinois


What does the second surge of covid nineteen cases mean for Illinois and what's the best way to respond to a resurgence of cases across the state joining us now Dr Emily Land She's an infectious disease specialist at the University of Chicago Dr Land and welcome back to reset. Hey, how are you? I'm good. So city state and health officials warning were moving in the wrong direction. They're calling it a second surge were in at what does that mean? Well, it looks like the numbers are going up not just here, but across the country, but they really are going up in Chicago. You know even through the summer surge where we saw a lot of problems down the southern States Illinois remained relatively pretty stable but we're not seeing that this time we're seeing big increases every single week in many different regions, which suggests that there's definitely a problem. Yeah I was GONNA say have to do with the changing weather the fall the fact that we're going indoors no longer. In the summer, we know that as the air gets cooler, it can't hold it much moisture, and so the humidity comes down and we know now that Kuban can spread a lot more easily. So those droplets that travel about sixty and the Arizona that can go even further it can travel a little further. They can last a little longer as the air gets drier, and then when we come inside, there's not as much air for those particles to be diluted because your room is any remaining is the substantially smaller than the. Great outdoors. So you definitely have those particles sort of building up as well, and he's a big reasons why we're expecting to see spread in a sort of be worse in the winter time but we're also seeing a lot of cases in our neighboring states and people cross over those borders they come here for commerce they come to work you coming for a vacation or we do the same and we're bringing cases back and forth yesterday the press conference with the Public Health Director Dr Anthony to the takeaway line, which is. Great. Headline Stop Inviting people to Your House. Really. Was it saying that that really they've pinpointed to say that which which we've gotten very comfortable with as Chicago in saying you know what if we're socially distance from the backyard maybe they can come in a little but that really is what's causing this community spread inviting people over to your house. Well, I think that is a big issue I. Think People feel safe in their homes and they think that they can control the situation a little bit better. So you feel like you know it works out people come over for July fourth in the backyard. So maybe we can have them over. You know for socially distant game night now, and the reality is that things are just really different than they were on July fourth first of all everybody who walks into your. House is much more likely to have covered than they were a few weeks ago and that same thing. It's probably going to be even more true in a couple of weeks, and then you just don't have the same scenario warm moist air mostly outside keeping distance you getting a little bit. You know it's much easier to stay six feet apart when you're outside than it is when you're sitting in your living room I it's got to be part of the problem here. We've got some holidays coming up with Halloween, and of course, thanksgiving and and then you get into Christmas and Hanukkah and the other holidays. It seems that this is going to have an impact on how we are approaching those holidays because what we knew last week is different than what we know this week. Yeah. I would say the most important advice I'm giving about the holidays is to make sure everything stays tentative. You just can't make a final decision about what's the right thing to do until much much closer to the event things are changing. So quickly right now that we just can't you can't decide that it's going to or not going to be safe based on where you go is the message to residents. To go back to our thinking back in March and April is that the way we have to look at this I mean I remember having a different set of washing down groceries I was I wouldn't go anywhere near anybody who didn't have a mask or even on the sidewalk I was walking out into the street that was my march April routine that has changed. Do I need to go back to that October? No. And we've learned a lot since then and we know that groceries are safe. Amazon. Packages or safe. We know that most of the things that you touch don't need, you should wash your hands and you should keep shared services clean especially at workplaces but these things are not as much of a risk as we thought we also know now that if everybody's wearing math that really reduces the transmission risk considerably. Inside. So I think what we WANNA do is really just need to be really strict about those ws and I would add a couple more things that. Wash. Your hands wear a mask watcher distance, and then I'm adding a forest W, which is open the windows. You WanNa to get more ventilation even if that means crank up the heat and opening the windows at least a few times a day that's a really good idea and then I really do think these small gatherings inside of home we are seeing lots and lots of cases at University of Chicago where people have been reporting these kinds of gatherings resulting in a significant transmission,

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