Laura Jackson Of Towpath shares Her Roast Chicken Recipe


Name is Laura. Jackson I'M The, head chef and CO owner of Towpath, which is on the regent's canal in East London. And I'd like to share one of my favorite recipes with today, which is race chicken. Obviously. A very, very simple recipe but I think one that is quite hard to pull off properly and. Rest of chickens in my life. So I think by now I think got the recipe down to T. it's a great one to cook at home because it is so simple and it's a crowd pleaser suits quick to prepare, and the reason I chose this recipe is because while one is totally delicious but. For me my sort of philosophy and the way I love to cook is not anything and the great thing about roast chicken is once you've served the chicken, you can then make a stock with the caucus. which you to make lots of different stews and soups and broths, and then there's also tends to be quite a lot of meet the you miss from carving, which can then be used for another thing. So essentially, you can get three or four dishes from one thing which makes me very, very happy. So all you need to do is get roast chicken. Of Asli, I would say, definitely. To get chicken that has had a good life. So free range organic or from a farm where you know that the having a nice time and I used to always roast chickens with butter but then maybe seven or eight years ago I had to give up Daria had some health issues. So I switched to using olive oil and actually feel that it is much better than using butter because the crispiness of the skin, you can take it to another level because. The burning properties of olive oil much lower than butter. So definitely go for olive oil. For Chicken you definitely want one big juicy lemon, and then head of garlic. If you've got some Tarragon, obey leaves to stuff up. It's bumpy can do that as well but that's not huge thing. So really super super simple. What you want to do I get your oven I would say almost as hot as possible. Obviously if you've got very strong oven, I would do it at about kind of t twenty to thirty, and then I would cut the garlic in half and. Stick. It up. It's bomb with some bay leaves. Tarragon if you have. Cut The lemon half squeeze it all the juice out like you can possibly get out and squeeze all over the chicken and again, then put the lemon up. It's bum. It just cooks more evenly if you've got lots of things stuffed up inside it. Then I put lots of pepper and some Odin Sea salt, and then a really really generous gluck of olive oil. Than, just get your hands in just rub it all over. And then pop it in the oven breasts side up an idea between twenty five to thirty five minutes at a super super high heat. Basically, this is the stage where you want the skin to go. Really really crispy. So, anywhere between that time, and then once the skin is super crispy, you want to turn the heat down really really low. So I turn it down to about one forty, one fifty. And then Cook it for another twenty five to thirty five minutes. So total, you want to cook the chicken for an hour. So if it's super high for twenty five, then you delay for thirty five. Vice Versa and then you basically take out I. don't based or touch it during its cooking and let it rest for a good twenty minutes to half an hour and then it's good to go.

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