The Verdict on Trump's Economic Stewardship


President Trump speaking to the economic of New York and various economic clubs across the country and we had questioning from Senate O'CONNELL of the Economic Club of Florida David Rudenstine of DC and Mike. O'Neill. The New York we have Michael McKee with us now our chief. Correspondent for all things economic both and. and Michael a very serious conversation here the president's putting out some ideas couple of inflammatory statements like how Joe Biden Presidency would be a socialist dream in American nightmare. But at the end, he was asked about things like infrastructure stimulus national debt did we hear anything new from the President? No, but we haven't been hearing much new from him throughout this campaign. It's he mostly talks about what happened in the previous three or four years and he talks a lot about, of course what happened to the Obama Administration? The questions he was asked about infrastructure spending he didn't answer. He said what he always says about many different things that he has a plan, but there's never any plan they were coming close to a deal on infrastructure at least Democrats in the House and the president when the President got upset with Nancy Pelosi and broke off the talks and that was two years ago and nothing's been done on infrastructure since. The House and Senate have a very big differences about how you would pay for infrastructure and how you'd structure the program. He said today the walls one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever. That's not true. He did shut down the border under the guise pandemic protection. So that part of what he said about the wall was correct he was asked about the deficit. and. Has Somebody. Else says quite often about this. This is one of those. Up his down down his up trump statements, he said the deficit was falling and we were GONNA pay off interest costs and start paying down principal on the deficit before the pandemic hit. That's one hundred percent one, hundred, eighty degrees opposite from what was happening deficit was rising significantly before the pandemic because of the tax cuts so. It's hard to know exactly what he was trying to do other than insult. Joe Biden and and stir up his base. Yes. Absolutely I think that's probably what we can expect from him. As we approach the elections three weeks left and we're going to get viewers questions. You know at some point tomorrow night's tonight and facts as we will be hearing a lot more from the president on economic matters and so on. But really nothing moves the needle. Until we get some more idea of what happens with stimulus and Ardley Nancy Pelosi doesn't look like. She's about to give in to to to president trump's requests or whatever republicans are requesting not that that's now well, even here's the thing we have to remember that even if the speaker of the House and the Secretary of the Treasury agree on some kind of deal, it would have to pass the Senate as well as the house. A number of house members have already suggested Dowse House Democrats have suggested they would vote against it because. They don't think it's big enough and. The question then becomes how many Republicans would vote for it if it's not considered big enough then in the Senate, you don't have fifty senators who approve of it. The Democrats are pretty united against it and half of the Republican senators say they don't want to spend anything. So at this point, there's a lot of focus on wall, street about the talks talks. In quotation marks between Nancy Pelosi and Steven Mnuchin. But the odds of something actually happening particularly before election day very, very small. Yes and for some reason and she wasn't quite care about yesterday when she was speaking with Wolf Blitzer Nancy Pelosi is not willing to even consider this one point eight, trillion dollar stimulus. What is it in their Michael? Can you decipher? that. She's so against she was actually quite angry with the to Democrats that said that they should be accepting this. The part of the play. A part of it is the way the money is distributed. Part of it is the amount of money for states and localities is not enough they believe and part of it obviously is politics. They don't WanNa give, Donald Trump. He kind of victory before the election you remember the last time when the cares act was passed in the twelve hundred dollars was going out for those who got it in check form trump held up distribution of the checks until he could have his name printed on it and last thing Nancy Pelosi wants is for voters to be opening their mail the day before the election and seeing Donald Trump giving them twelve hundred dollars. Yes that is to I'm sure and also presumably that machine is up and running now. So there may not be so much of a delay this time around but there is an argument to suggest that people need cash. Now, no matter how it comes in a matter who gets the credit right Michael Danny lower on earlier saying this country is in trouble there is particularly because more people are losing their jobs. Now, as we're finding more companies go out of business and. The airlines are a perfect example not going out of business, but laying off tens of thousands of people because they don't have any business to do at this point, and that was one of the hopes of the stimulus bills that they could get aid to the airlines in the short-term But nother interesting statistic came out from the New York Fed yesterday of the people who got the stimulus checks the first time around average of about twenty four, hundred dollars each seventy one percent either save the money or paid down debt. They have money in the bank and so if this. Rebound continued to go faster than expected. We might have a tailwind and we might need less of the stimulus checks I think the biggest difference now is that there are going to be people who. Didn't save. Don't have the money who are losing jobs permanently who may need something yeah. I found that phenomenal as well when you consider just how many people are at food banks in food lines as well who were once you know happily employed or all of the people around Orlando that are living motels because they'll also job at. Disney. For example. have to move every two weeks. Otherwise they risk you know Being, a problem for the Ho- The motel owner because after two weeks you can't you know get victim normally you have to go through the court process i. mean there are an array of stories out there about people suffering, Michael. What should we be concentrating on over the next couple of days? It's feels like Joe Biden needs to get more of an economic message out there. Actually, Biden probably needs to publicize it Joe Biden. If you look on their website has a very extensive economic plan that. Involves taxes infrastructure Various Pandemic Recovery ideas and Donald Trump and I'm not saying this to be part of Donald Trump has nothing. If you go to his website, there are literally no proposals for a second term and so it's kind of hard to know. what he would do and Biden perhaps wants to make that case a little bit more Donald Trump talked today about. Biden plans but if you notice it in his speech, he didn't say what he would do. He talked a lot about how bad the Biden and the Democrat tar and that's one of the problems people have suggested that we're seeing with trump's poll numbers is that at this point he is. Talking, about the previous four years and a lot of people didn't like what happened in the previous four years outside of the tax cut. and. He's not talking about what happens in the next four years or even in the next year and that makes it hard to make a case for your election. Yeah, it's a it's a phenomenal time and a lot of people pointing out now that if we don't get something before the election, it's going to be January. Before we're able to do more stimulus Michael thank you really appreciate your input and listening to that for us with Michael McKee. International airports, and policy. Correspondent.

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