'The West Wing' enlists big names for its When We All Vote reunion special


Thanks. I'm a big fan of Aaron Sorkin and tell us why This is a good time for me in television, because I like him so much. He absolutely if you didn't watch it yesterday, a cz, always with streaming. You can watch it at your leisure. But yesterday they dropped on HBO, Max. Ah, Special reunion of the West Wing cast is probably his most legendary TV show The West Wing and gathered almost everybody from the cast for Martin Sheen and Allison Janney and Rob Lowe and so forth. To recreate an episode from one of the early seasons as a theatrical staged event in an empty theater, But they filmed it like it was a play and it was in that shifted from scene to scene and it was really cleverly done, but also just reminded you how Wonderful that Siri's wass and how inspirational it was, even though it was about politics. So if the dueling if the dueling town halls and so you may be this would've last night, but it's still out there, but even more so today, Netflix drops another Aaron Sorkin project. Which he wrote and directed. It's called the Trial of the Chicago Seven, and it goes back to the sixties, when those counterculture figures Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and Tom Hayden and Bobby Seale and others were put on trial for inciting the riots that disrupted the 1968 Democratic convention. It was a big media circus, and this film looks like it's got it all and including a terrific cast, including two Emmy winners from this season. Jeremy strong from succession and one of the stars of watchman job doing the team. They're playing two of the defendants. You also have frankly, Angela's The judge and Michael Keaton's in there. Sasha Baron Cohen's in there. Doing dramatic bit, and it just sounds like again. Aaron Sorkin is knows his way around a courtroom. If you remember his very first big hit was a few good men. So if you like Aaron Sorkin style you've got two choices was like a double whammy of Aaron Sorkin this week. Now? Yeah, I once interviewed Jerry Rubin, a za journalism student at Penn State, and he was in the Rolfing, which is when you beat yourself up physical. Just one strange cat, man. I got to say yes. I have a feeling that would be a fun one to watch. Yeah. Will be S O on Sunday. You got something? The

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