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How do you think we feel? We hear it a lot. Today we have another cold front coming in tonight. We dio kind of warm today. 86 is the hottest I've seen so far the record 90 degrees, So we're pushing that and the record goes back to 18 99 cold front comes through, Let's say Early early in the morning on Thursday, so this evening will be quite warm. The colder air doesn't really work in here until probably after seven or eight o'clock in the morning on Thursday count on a lot of clouds in the morning could be a quick little shower with the front that's limited. More and more sunder in the afternoon on Thursday, and though I think the high may touch 61 62 let's think most of the days in the fifties on Thursday so dramatic temperature change 38 for the overnight low Thursday night Friday is pretty but cool, Sunny 62. The weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Partly sunny and in the sixties. Hi another front coming through Saturday night. Love it. Very nice. Horrific ly sad details of this little boy that was hit by the car.

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