Violate any laws here. Privacy rights. Okay.


State wide shutdown moving forward in New York if we see cases of covert 19 on the rise instead. Governor. Cuomo says the game plan now involves a more detailed approach. A micro cluster strategy as we head into the colder months are Steve Burns with more the testing data is so specific so granular that releasing all of it might violate privacy laws, according to Governor Cuomo violate any laws here. Privacy rights. Okay. I hate when they tell me afterwards, But with that data, the governor says they won't need to close down entire regions anymore. The numbers will be used to target micro clusters like what's already been done in parts of Brooklyn, Queens, Orange and Rockland with mitigation measures for that specific locality. But it has the advantage of causing less disruption. The rules in each cluster might vary in the thresholds to reopen will is well, but Cuomo says the strategy is already working with the positivity. Radar on Q GARDENS, Queens, dropping under 1% compliance Works enforcement works and reduction of Congress. That activity works at the governor's office in Midtown. Steve Burns. WCBS news radio 80 at the end of this week, movie theaters in New York outside of the city and outside of those covert hot Butts will be allowed to reopen. Christie collision with more New York movie theatres are slated to reopen this Friday. Beginning October. 23 movie theaters outside of New York City will be allowed to reopen a 25% capacity with up to 50 people maximum per screen. Governor Cuomo made the announcement on Saturday. They won't be reopening in New York City, though, are in Rockland, Orange and Green counties. Masks will be required at all times, except when patrons air seated, eating or drinking. Areas where the theatres are reopening followed certain criteria. Areas that are below 2% on the 14 day average and have no clusters owns assigned socially distant seating will be in place. And theatres must meet enhanced air filtration, ventilation and purification standards. Christie Collision WCBS news radio 80 WCBS news time 10 32 CBS News BRIEF CORONA VIRUS. AH growing CAMPAIGN issue A CBS Is We. Jiujiang. Reports in Trump ignored

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