The declaration. President Trump has in the past threatened to withhold federal aid, claiming the state's


Governor gathered Newsome. That law would have provided health and safety protections for domestic workers, including all instances of abuse. Chrisley reporting for KP. President Donald Trump's administration abruptly reversed course and approved California's application for disaster relief funds today to clean up damage from six recent deadly and destructive wildfire blazes. Sort of scorch. The state of California Governor Gavin Newsom nor the White House gave details on why the administration shifted position on Ly hours after initially Denied the state's request for a declaration that officials said could provide the state with hundreds of millions of dollars. White House spokesman Judd Deere previously said California's request was not supported by the relevant data needed for approval that Trump agreed where the recommendation from the federal Emergency Management Agency administrator To reject the declaration. Later, dear said the governor Newsome and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had spoken and presented a convincing case an additional on the ground perspective. For

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