The Skeptics Guide #797 - Oct 17 2020


Special guests this week. Brian Wecht Brian Welcome back to the skeptics guy. Thanks so much for having me back. So Brian, tell us. How you went from being a physicist to Rockstar? Yeah. So I was A. Career academic did the whole Grad, school post, doc faculty route and. In the middle of actually in Grad School, I started performing at Improv clubs in San Diego, and went to ucse and kind of started this whole side career as a comedian and musician I have an undergraduate degree in music and when I was I was a post doc in theoretical physics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and I started collaborating on this kind of two man comedy. Music Act. With a guy at and it became like a legit thing and cut to what it was four or five years later. We had a big enough following that I could quit my job as a professor in London as a Queen Mary University in their center for research in string theory and can transition to doing music and comedy fulltime. Wow. It's really these guys are nerds. I'm GonNa do that other thing that music thing that I like. Yeah it was. It was really just that I had a fun kind of thing on the side that started taking up more and more and more time and. Around, let's in two thousand, fourteen, my my daughter was born and didn't have enough time to. Be a dad and a researcher and a teacher teacher and a danger. So he had to go and you weren't going to get rid of your daughter so you. that. I've said that exact exact same thing. Yes. Brian I remember talking to you. It was very near when you made the decision and I remember hearing in your voice that this was not an insanely safe jump like you. You took a little leap of faith too because you wanted to go do this thing, right? Yeah it was terrifying I mean because you know from my perspective I'd worked for you know depending on how you count close to twenty years to get this permanent faculty job in physics and I you know I was. Rolling the dice on moving to Los. Angeles where my my partner Dan was to do this thing we had like the trends were moving in the right direction, but it was far from clear that it would like actually make enough money to live off of it seemed like a calculated risk but a but a big risk I told the other faculty members at Queen Mary that I was GONNA leave. I timed it wrong because I told him on April Fools Day which was in retrospect. IDEA. Why you're leaving to Joe to join Ninja sex? Party. full-time. On April Fools Day. I was going to go work out of Youtube Channel. Some of the older people are like, what's Youtube Channel? Right and no, it had channels so. They were reactions ranged from. Some of the especially the older people let's say people who are sixty ish and up very, very confused by what any of that even meant and then people who are closer to my age, which was like, let's say early to mid forties. We're kind of like I wish that sounds Nice I could use a changing. Off. Just to reinforce your your band is an Intersex party was. Sometimes we get Ninja Turtles People. In our brains. Out there but. And you have a new album coming out, right? Yes. We have a an album that came out. This is going up on Saturday the seventeenth. Right. So our album came out yesterday Friday, the sixteenth. Thanks, it's our. Fifth original air or eighth album overall. So not not to. Reveal anything but we have been working with Brian and George on a on a secret project. So secret much. It is. Yeah. We haven't really said anything about. Cara. That's true. I know I guess I guess it's unbelievable I actually didn't tell someone a secret that. Wow congratulations shocked could work here. I don't know what the hell he's talking about. I could I'll you know whatever reason why we can't saying what what we're doing is we did a game show at nexus right this Friday night we decided to do something fun on Friday night. Okay. Well, this is an in person to conference such. What could we do in all of us? Me Steve George Bryan and Ian put our heads together like we're going to do a game show. It seems like the most perfect thing for us this collection of people that we had and it turned out, we love the game show. It was a lot of fun in the audience really liked it. We got incredible feedback. So we said, let's let's make this better by an order of magnitude. So we're working on that project right now. Trying to develop a cool online game show thing and it involves music might there'll be some music stuff but not not Brian sitting there being these the only keyboardist and the band playing music it's it'll be. The music elements will be incorporated into the game as part of the quiz show, right? Yeah and of course, we have George part of a two who any so far. Any of the musical stuff. He's really handled heavy lifting on I mean he's anti. Trump he's he's the host basically as George. GETS THE PHILLIES lifelong dream to become a gameshow host. Best dressed games host. Yes. So we'll. We'll update everyone on the on that project as it comes to fruition actually getting pretty close Brian. Where can people go see you online? They can go to our youtube channel, which is there a couple of ways of getting there they can go to YouTube dot com slash sex party YouTube dot com slash and SP, or I also bought the domain but sex dot info that they can go. To. Tease that's. Solicit rating to the. Study. So we before we go onto the news items. You might remember a few weeks ago I said you know I'm seeing a lot of wildlife in my backyard I haven't seen a coyote yet. But Damn. If right like within a week I saw coyote facing a roadrunner. Middle of the day bright broad daylight right in my backyard to strolling around, you know clearly a coyote, the coyote and I found in a bring it up because I found the study today that said that there is absolutely an increase in wildlife interest Predator interaction with humans and they studied trying to figure out why and they found that Predator populations like There's Bob Cats coyotes and foxes especially Fox's not as much. Bob Cats apparently are now eating a lot of human food. So. Yeah. This is percents for Fox's it was like fifty percent of the food that they're consuming is human derived. into that is garbage also pets unfortunately and a small critters that you might have in your backyard like. Rabbits and stuff. So yeah, that's Not, my imagination that I'm seeing all kinds of Brian I saw blackberry I heard heard that episode leaked. Amazing. A Fox and our Coyote Bob saw Bob. Cat. To Bob Cats, they were magnificent. Realize there were coyotes in Connecticut like. I've always seen like quick flash on the side of the road kind of thing. But this is the first time like full daylight right in front of me long view. The. Look thing. Because my backyard borders sport is would. So it's not surprising. Them all the time here all the time Oh. Yes. Appearing sugar you because you're in the valley, right? Yeah. Are there a lot of coyotes where you live there? We don't see him that often I mean. We're in a very like we're pretty near the highway. So we're at a very flat. You know a lot of Kenyans or anything but I did see one last year I was driving my daughter to school and one just straight up walked through the middle of a very busy street and for a second I was like is that a wolf I'd bill. was. Like seven thirty in the morning or something like this, and this very large animal that I then realize was a coyote was just crossing the street. So it's it's not super common. We definitely see him I mean we end them all the time here because I'm so close to so many parks and more on the east side up Joe's national forest and Griffith Park, and one of the big problems that we see in La and Steve Speaks exactly to what you're talking about is that the coaches have become way too comfortable around people. They'll. They'll stay I was walking my dog going on a hike the other day with a friend. So we each had our dogs with us and there was a coyote. Twenty thirty feet from us. He was just sitting there staring. Wow. Did you did you see the animals are adapting to human civil? Did you see the recent footage viral footage of the Cougar stalking that charger? Yes. Followed them for like twenty minutes at least I don't think he was stalking. Right. I dead I think he was escorting him out of his territory. Interesting.

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