Carjacking in Bothell North of Seattle suspect hid in tree after crash, police chase


A chaotic scene on 405 this afternoon ended with a man in the hospital after a high speed crash. Man climbed a tree to get away from police and baffle Cuomo's Suzanne Faan says It started with a motorcycle crash on four or five to the bottle ever in highway and police say the writer took off running and carjacked a driver leading police on a brief chase. Before being spotted in a tree near 180th Street. He was up there for quite some time they brought in a crisis negotiator and when the man finally did come down, was clearly injured. Police say the carjacker take a car from a nearby hotel parking lot on as he took off, someone fired shots at the car tires of a police man needed about three miles before ditching the car and then scrambled up. The fir tree here in bottle on 1/80 Street, southeast near Buffalo, Ever highway person was talking with This. Our officers continue to remain engaged with him and ladder truck that position and we were able to talk him down. No word yet on who this guy is. All we know is that he's a

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