Man who found Forrest Fenn's famed treasure reveals identity

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So in an episode over the summer i talked about the treasure which had finally been found by an anonymous treasure hunter in june and after being adamant that he never wanted to reveal his identity. The finder of the treasure chest has just gone public blowing. The lid on most of his secrets in an article written by a fellow treasure hunter. In outside a quick recap though forest finn was an air force pilot who later opened an art gallery in santa fe new mexico one filled with plenty of forgeries as arts as tried to do people unclear in nineteen eighty eight. He received a terminal cancer diagnosis and decided to hide treasure chest in some outdoor location for people to find but then he recovered from the cancer. Still he didn't wanna give up on his treasure hunt idea so fast forward to two thousand and ten when quoting outside thin treasure chest containing gold and other valuables estimated to be worth at least a million dollars somewhere in the rocky mountains not long after he published a memoir called the thrill of the chase which included a mysterious twenty four line poem that if solved would lead searchers to the treasurer fended suggested the loot was secretive. Way at the place where he had envisioned lying down to die back when he believed his cancer diagnosis terminal since the hunt began in two thousand ten many thousands of searchers had gone out in pursuit at least five of them losing their lives in the process and the chase became an international story and quote. And yeah i mean the whole thing really has been a wild story people have lost their lives and livelihoods there have been countless lawsuits. You can read all kinds of articles about that have been published over the last ten years leading up to this year when in june the treasurer was finally found and the man who found it decided to stay anonymous because he knew how intense the community of treasure hunters is any feared for his safety but then quickly announced that he had met the winner and verified. He indeed had found the chest the to also decided to keep the location a secret so that it wouldn't become a kind of tourist site where people might injure themselves getting there were risk damaging the nature around it but all of that anonymity lack of closure did not sit well with people who had dedicated years of their lives to finding the treasure there was instant suspicion and then in september fourth fin passed away. The one man who could maybe smooth things over was gone and those left behind were even more dedicated to making sure. His wishes were upheld. With all of that has come a number of court cases in particular one from a woman claiming that the finder of the treasure hacked her emails to steal part of the puzzle that she herself had solved. She doesn't seem to have too much of a case however since she thought the chest was in new mexico and it turned out to be in wyoming but the case is still proceeding in the winner knew that his name would be released to the public as it goes on so he decided to preempt that by outing himself on his own terms the winner. Is jack still a thirty two year. Old medical student originally from michigan. He's keeping as many personal details as possible under wraps to protect his privacy but he does have a bit of a digital paper trail before to med school. He worked briefly at the onion and as a freelance writer. In fact he is the guy who wrote that totally inaccurate article eight years ago trying out matthew inman of the oatmeal as a far right wing. Republican in article buzzfeed had to issue a public apology for and which. I didn't realize until today that i still believed even after meeting matthew in minutes out by south west that same year back in two thousand twelve and discovering that he was a super nice guy. I still thought. Oh but some article made it. Seem like he secretly a jerk. I wonder if that's true. Which is a lesson for me in media literacy and not believing everything that i read especially when it seems pretty off base but also for all of us that no matter how many corrections or apologies you might issue online. There will still be tons of people who only ever see the mistake. That's a lesson that jack stiff learned early on in his career as a comedy writer and is probably part of why he has taken so many pains to remain anonymous in the case of backlash to him finding the prize. If and win all the court cases die down. What will still do with his findings. What does one do with an actual. The goodness treasure loaded up with jewels and artifacts. Stuff says he'll use it to pay off his student so yup the most accurate millennial answer possible to coming into unexpected fortune of. I still have to get the chest appraised which he hasn't done yet and between fins knack for forgeries and his wish that part of the chest displayed publicly so people can visit it. Who knows how much stuff will actually end up getting for all of his efforts but we finally have a few more pieces to the story. If you want to learn more keep an eye out for a book coming out next year called chasing the thrill written by daniel barbara. The writer and fellow treasure hunter. Who got checks to to go public

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