Christmas Do's, Bonuses and F-Bombs with Dr. Gia Wiggins

Cheers To Business


And in the best hr person. I've ever met in my life. That is the sweetest thing i've ever heard this week. Get with a bad reputation. Be sincerely thank you for coming on the show. Today is my absolute pleasure as always so we were going to plan on talking about holiday. Do's and don'ts and so. I went back and listened to episode fifteen of cheers to business and it was katie. And i and we did holiday. Do's and don'ts and we pretty much took an article off the internet and just tore to pieces. Basically about do's and don'ts what are some good holiday dues. Well i've got a lot of holiday. Dues for businesses. And you know. I think that are good. You know in general you know right now. My focus is gratitude. It's all that. I've spent a lot of time Just being really thankful and reflecting over two thousand and twenty and all of the fun things that have happened and not so fun things that have happened. And what was the most important thing to me so right now you know when i focus on gratitude of course grateful for clients. I'm grateful for great friendships and alliances. I'm grateful for you. Of course you know that. Tell you that all the time just to call me sweet. I very grateful for you. But i'm also grateful for the lessons that we've learned in two thousand and twenty. I'm grateful that businesses have learned how the pivot in two thousand and twenty and how to deal with things that they've ignored for meany save learn how to pandemic proof their businesses and i can't help but to truly believe that the ability to work through some of those things to bring innovation in their preparing them for what's to come twenty twenty one twenty twenty two and i think the businesses are going to be stronger as a result as we lead thousand and twenty whatever the heck is banned by by no see. I don't wanna do that because my name's karen and my sister's name is katrina and we've had so much fun with our names all over the internet so yeah thank you very much to all you people. So by no person no-name person You actually did the first covid show with me when the pandemic hit you did and you know what we talked about on that show. I bring up. All the time is found a way to reinvent found a different need. Sorry and i am grateful that it forced as painful as it was short term pain long-term game but people have either that or they went out of business they either were forced into doing things differently and it was at the time but is probably a good thing in the long term. Yeah i think so too. I think so too. You have to sometimes win. There's a disruption in the market and they're always disruptions in the marco actions correct and. You have to make a decision. You're either gonna pay attention to it or not. You know i liken it to you know. Let's say for example a bakery. That doesn't you know have gluten free options if you're a bakery that decides not to have one gluten free option. You're literally putting your hands. Your eyes and your blindfold in yourself to the changes in the market understanding that if you focus on that one thing and to publicize it you're going to increase business exponentially. Everybody's like a for gluten free or sugar free or kito desserts and so by taking a look at what the market is doing and making a decision that you're going to run your business a little bit differently. Our offer something net previously. Nobody cared about but now everybody cares about it. I mean you could really changed the path and the longevity of your business if your business does not evolve and change it will die and it should it should nobody wanted anymore is changed to change with it and that is so hard because i think people talk the talk but don't walk the walk the need to do this. I need to do that and then don't do it. Yeah it's out of your comfort zone you know. Life's about choices. Did somebody do this to us. Well it doesn't really matter. It happened so do something. You got to choose what you want to do. That's exactly what's happened. So i'm i'm excited for those businesses. That have discovered you know a new way of doing things and they are doing fun stuff that they've never done before and you can see the spark i shared with you before. I'm a part of a businessman mentor group and a mentor. Couple of companies and even long established companies. That are doing something new and fresh. I mean the spark in their eye. I'm like a bit. That was the spark. When you first open a business. I mean and to cheer and to listen to you. Know them you know sharing things and need to have fee. But it is so exciting. I mean it just energizes me. So that's what. I've been surrounded myself with this year. Yeah it's different because now we're looking

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