A highlight from #174 Austin Hedges Behind the Scenes: A Look at the Life of a Professional Athlete

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Hedges as he explores turning the page on his life and yours. Hey charlie hey well today we are reaching back to a guest that we had on the show about one year ago and that is my son. Austin hedges austin is a professional baseball catcher for the cleveland indians and after nearly a decade of plane since graduating high school for the san diego. Padres he was traded was a july or august. Austin that you are traded to cleveland august september. Oh really was it. That late okay. Yeah basic we only two months this year. Yeah that's right. That's right. What i hope to chat to about a chat about today has to do with both the inner emotional roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Family live professional life in the place of dreams in the most competitive of environments which is professional sports and entertainment This show will be sort of The way i'm imagining sort of behind the scene view of what is like to be both hero. And underappreciated fans are fickle and they frequently feel the right to express their opinion. Many of them are very positive and sometimes not so positive and in addition i want to get into a look at what is life during the season which is close to half a year. Maybe a little bit more than half a year and life during the off season so i would like baseball fans to understand what life is like for a baseball player in real life Yup to that sun. Okay so Let me be official and say austin hedges. Welcome to the next chapter with your dad. Thanks for having me well. It's a pleasure to have you. You're so articulate. So you know what i thought. I might do us than start at the beginning as a kid. Your mom and i just delighted that you always excelled in every sport basketball football soccer lacrosse. Who knows what all but you decided. The baseball was the one you wanted to pursue and only ten years old. You declared rather. I wanna say almost not quite defiantly but rather strongly that when you were going to grow up you're going to be a professional baseball player without understanding. Would all that took what. What was austin then made you feel that strongly about getting a baseball player. For some reason. I guess it caught my attention as super early. I think i think that decision was probably made earlier than that without even knowing what what a professional baseball player was i think something about watching the game on tv or live just captured me where it was so early that it's not even i wanna do that like i want to do what they're doing. I just wanna. I wanna be where they are almost in so i think over the over the next handful of years when i started understanding i mean just going up a little bit probably three or four years old. Three or four years old has he. S what you say yourself doing. I mean yeah. But i didn't know it was going to be like i didn't know that was like a big deal or anything. It was just that. Like i. I just wanted to be. I just wanted to do what they were doing. I'm even know if i understood the concept of baseball completely like it was. Just i just like i. I enjoyed that. And i want to do what they were doing.

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