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From that massive. Hack or at least breach that we told you about yesterday. Sources say that state-sponsored hackers also access the department of homeland. Security's internal communications as part of the campaign that also struck the us treasury and commerce departments. So it looks like for the better part of a year. The hackers have been able to read internal communications essentially emails from some of the most sensitive corners of the us government. That's again because it was solar wins. That was apparently breached at these supply chain level and essentially everybody. It turns out uses solar winds to outsource some aspects of their security stuff. Solar winds has had to admit somewhere around eighteen. Thousand customers were compromise between march and june via an update to its orion software. Quoting reuters. Email sent by officials at d. h. s. which oversees border security and defence against hacking where monitored by the hackers as part of these sophisticated series of breaches. Three people familiar with the matter told reuters monday. The attacks i revealed by writers sunday also hit the us department of treasury and commerce. Parts of the defense department were breached. The new york times reported late. Monday night while the washington post reported that the state department and national institutes of health were hacked neither agency common to reuters quote for operational security reasons. The dod will not comment on specific mitigation measures or specify systems that may have been impacted a pentagon spokesman said technology companies solar winds which was the key steppingstone used by the hackers. Set up to eighteen thousand of its customers had downloaded a compromise suffer update that allowed hackers to spy unnoticed on businesses and agencies for almost nine months the united states issued an emergency warning on sunday ordering government users to disconnect solar software which it said had been compromised by militias because the attackers could use solar winds to get inside a network and then create a new back door merely disconnecting the network management program is not enough to boot. The hackers out experts said for that reason. Thousands of

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