What drives trust in news and what can be done to rebuild it


The public. Understanding of newsgathering and verification practices is persistently low. What does mean for the issue of trust so one of the things that we aired quito frequently from journalists and senior managers and newsrooms and talk to you for this report Were a lot of efforts around Communicating with their audiences about their newsroom standards journalistic practices emphasizing You know their conflicts of interest policy their crashes in various policies around the way that they collect news in information unfortunately most of the public meet but we know from a lot of existing. Research must've does not understand very much at all about newsgathering says much less The details Along these lines and so we want to. If what we know from enormously perspective what we think is organised for audiences to disarm differentiate between different news sources available them on the basis of the quality of information or the the rigor of the reporting You know we. We'd hope that they'd be able to Know a little bit more about what what's actually going on behind the scenes and basically we. We know that that doesn't really happen. People just don't have a basis of knowledge of what what goes on in terms of journalism and reporting information is is really really low in. That's most of our understanding of that is based on a full countries. And so we really don't very little at all about how this plays melissa's like India especially as brazil. And so you know. I think that's as a starting point for this product. Is you know for for news organizations for him This is a core part of their strategy around addressing trust They have to really be more cognizant of the fact that people are starting from a place where they really just don't have very much understanding about what goes into What differentiates their source from. All other information that they might be seeing in their social media feeds versus

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