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I don't know. I think even a Democrat would have to admit that you need something as a nation to aspire to be stupid to do it. But then again, we're dealing with Joe Biden. So who knows? My gut feeling right now is it's anything is possible. I don't really want to. Go any further than that. It's certainly an uphill climb. It's more uphill for Donald Trump, but it's always been uphill for Donald Trump. If this were any other Republican, I would be much more pessimistic, but because I'm naturally a pessimist, But Donald Trump is a fighter. He's an unconventional Republican. And no matter what The Republican Party is better for having watched his example and hopefully learn from his example will gnome or as votes come in from Pennsylvania and as votes come in from Arizona, Nevada and Georgia and all of that? At any moment, Things could change dramatically if Trump ticks off a couple of those states. Suddenly it's a whole new ball game, so I don't honestly know anybody telling you they know Is selling something,

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