Biden nears victory with lead in Pennsylvania


Over President Trump in Pennsylvania is up to more than 12,000 votes, but 40,000 ballots remained to be counted in Philadelphia alone. More than 100,000 statewide recount is triggered in Pennsylvania if the margin is within half a percentage point, and so far that margin is within that number. We heard from Mayor Kenny, who told President Trump to put his big boy pants on and stand down, making baseless claims about election fraud and votes being stolen. The city commissioners say this election has seen by far the largest number of mail in ballots in the city's history. 337,000 just outnumbered by the in person votes, 353,000 In a couple hours we expect to hear from the city commissioners. Another 2 to 3000. Malin Boat votes again. 40,000 remain to be counted in Philadelphia. And they say it may take several days to complete the reporting of that counting. The electoral college vote remains 2 53 for Biden or the The Projection Anyway. Remains of 253 for Biden. President Trump with 213 need to 70 to win Pennsylvania's 20 could put Biden would put Biden over the top, and we do here from the Biden campaign. That the candidate will speak at some point tonight. We would expect that to be from Wilmington, where he has spoken for the last couple days. No further guidance on what time that is. But of course, we would bring that to you Live. The other

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