Trump begins Election Day with confident predictions


Candidates doing on this election day We start our coverage with ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl telling us About President Trump's final push President Trump maybe down in the polls, but he's looking confident and predicting victory. Thiss does not look like a second place finish. It extends beyond the rallies in New York Trump supporters took over the Mario Cuomo Bridge in Texas. They managed to Biden campaign bus on the highway. The FBI is now investigating. What the president praised his supporters. You see the way our people they you know they were protecting his bust yesterday because in the final hours of the campaign, the president is barely mentioning the pandemic. And he's lashing out at Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading expert on Corona virus, Pfoutch, he told The Washington Post. Joe Biden's campaign quote is taking it seriously from a public health perspective. Trump. Vouch, he said, is looking at it from a different perspective, the economy and reopening the country in Florida on Sunday, the president responded to chance of fire. Fauci By suggesting that's exactly what he'll try to do after the election. Don't tell anybody, but let me wait till a little bit after the election In a year where early and mail in voting have shattered records, the Trump campaign is counting on a big election day turnout operation. Building on those crowds at his rallies tomorrow. You have

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