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Focused discussion with an industry expert to provide insights that can impact your business's growth with your host angelo peruzzi. I angelo ponzi your host. Here's the business growth cafe and thank you for joining me. I'm going to say. I'm excited about this topic that we're gonna talk about today so imagine working six weeks and taking two weeks off. I'm in how about you. I think that would be great. I would love to be able to concentrate it all. Take a little bit short vacation every six weeks. I think that would be fantastic. So what the hell am i talking about it. Frankly i'm not sure yet. That's why i have my guest. Coming on joe martin. He's an author and entrepreneur and speaker and he's got a book and a process out called six weeks cycle now. I'm really excited to kind of dig into it. I've done some research on this. But i'm so little confused about how it's gonna work. I tried to pitch this idea to my to my wife and she said absolutely not so. I need some input. I want you to have some input today. I think there's going to be a really interesting discussion because again it changes the way we think. Now if you listen to this show you know. I used to work in an advertising agency. We used to have to track time. Everything was project driven time driven. It was so important. So joe says we're obsessed with that. And so i want to dig into that as well so i think this is going to be again interesting for all of us. That are out there in this gig economy that are working independently. All these Small businesses and and we're so focused on on being there time in what's going on in time dying zimbabwe blah blah blah so. Stay tuned this is going to be a lot of fun again. My guest is joe martin and author an entrepreneur speaker author of six week cycle. Your strategic plans are essential to managing your business's growth spend the time to develop a cohesive roadmap to follow to ensure your entire team is moving in the right direction. These plans should take the insights and the brand strategy work. You've already completed to help you achieve your long term business growth objectives as well as keep you competitive.

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