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The trend can run much further than just about anyone thinks that can at the time but between Stein but when a trend does start to run if they you can enter that Trend and then have strategies that help you stay on it whilst it's moving that gives you the the potential to make a lot of money today and welcome back to shares for beginners. I'm Phil muscatello long, we've spent a lot of time on this podcast discussing value investing and researching companies based on numbers having with Jason, but there's another way of looking at the share market and it's known as a technical analysis. It says charts that you see showing the history of the price of a share or index. There's a multitude of lines indicators patterns and signals and they quickly become overwhelming choice. However, in the simplest form some say that they convey information. That's very important. Hence. Today's guest Jason McIntosh from Ocean Trader. Hello, Phil. Thank you for having me on edge. I've been really looking forward to get being a part of what you do. Yeah, we've been talking about this for a little while having we we have we have yeah, you got such a you know, a great diverse range of guests you have on board Jason your the founder of motion track a subscription-based trading service for asx-listed stocks, but you started your time in finance at Bankers Trust. Do you remember what it was like as a young man walking through the door and embarking on that page where in finance yet feel, you know, I remember it like it was yesterday. You see I was doing my last year of University and I'd landed this part-time role at Bankers Trust after Union afternoon. And so I was going to work on the on the bond desk in the dealing room. And so so I'd never been to the dealing room before I had all my interviews in another another part of the bank and my boss has diarrhea. I remember it so clearly I was in the left on the way up to level 40 of Australia square and I could feel my you could feel I could feel my heart like like beating, you know running and beats Our Song. Rolling down my side and so the lift door start to open and you could hear the hum of the trading floor and so step out on the for your area start to walk around into the the opening stem the dealing room and I'll tell you it was like setting foot on another planet. You got guys are standing up with a phone to either rear there. You got other guys that yelling out to colleagues the other side of the desk guys pointing at screens with flashing numbers and I'm like where on earth have I just landed this is just amazing. It's like I'd seen Wall Street, you know the movie Wall Street back in eighty-eight wage and that's got some good good dealing rooms scenes there. But what I was in now it was like it was like it was like something straight out of the movies and it was like wow, this is this is where this is that where my career starting this is drying and when you first arrived there, they basically said just make money. That was your metric your key metric wasn't it? Yeah, it's funny when I got my graduate job the head of the dealing room off. Jason twerking of this side of the revolving door and by that that was a reference to that they had a high turnover of people in that dealing room. It's like here's your C City just make us money you make as money. We pay you well, if you don't well you kind of have to go somewhere else. And so you had like a stable core of Traders had been there for a long time and made the bank a lot of money, but then you had this out a place where people were coming and going fairly frequently hence revolving door. So what were you doing menu? They just say make money and did you have any idea of how to do that. Give blood did I had a bit of like a mind my path through Bankers Trust, so I started off doing my part time wrong when I was at Uni and see what code must have done a fairly good job of doing that and like I came up with a few new ID.

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