US election in balance as battleground states count votes


The numbers nationwide. Right now, Biden to 27 Trump to 13, the popular vote between the 2 68,834,162 for Joe Biden. That's 50.1% Donald Trump with 66,200 for 1,066,240,036 votes for 48.2%. Yeah, This is a tight one. Wisconsin, reflecting that 49.5% for Biden in the Badger State 48.8% for Trump. This is a ridiculously tight race, and it's gonna be days before you probably know the winner. We know that Michigan is going to resume their accounts. Nevada isn't going to be resuming their account until Thursday. Pennsylvania could be at least Friday before we get the results from there. This is not Unprecedented this. It's not like this has never happened before votes are continuing to be counted. It's not like people are still voting. The votes were already cast and made legit before in terms of the timing of when they were received in all that this is just a matter now of going through these reams and reams and reams of absentee and mail in ballots that they've never really encountered before, and you could see it last night. It it changed things. It happened in Wisconsin. Those were laid boats the came in overnight. Took a small trump lead and turn it into a small Biden lied well, and in some of those states, including here in Wisconsin, they weren't allowed to start counting those until seven o'clock yesterday morning, something you think they may want to figure out for the next time, because if this is going to be the new way, whether we vote, this could be well takeaways from covert, as people realise how easy it is to mail in a ballot vote absentee supposed to having to leave work stand in line. Whatever the case may be, you just take care of it ahead of time. You want to smooth out these these things for the poll workers and the network until four in the morning or days and days and days into the future in the country, meanwhile, sits in

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