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Last year of undergrad you could drop your business and pre medical track degree but in some work launch a fashion line in accompanying pop up event and still graduate with big goals intact. Well yeah that's great fell but nine a job. Well you're about to find out if he just one inspire people to be able to do what they love. That's my childhood friend. Tyler mason wanna provide the best product and be able to show that. I've worked. I put in. You know what's best like on definitely also teaches mu that everything do like try to do it to the best possible degree. Everything that lieutant does the best possible degree readiness clothing watches bags. That's beats the best possible detail down to the last details on has be perfect so Additional detail definitely been in me phone working at lv so that helps me kind of go forward especially in what i wanna do in life. This is tyler journey from business and the pre medical track at a small liberal arts university to joining one of the most recognizable fashion brands on the planet. Vitton in this episode. You talk about our childhood memories. His first steps into embracing his creativity his journey and how his student managed to defeat him in his largest basketball championship game. Ever okay toward the show. Everyone welcome back to another episode of fills philosophies this is a podcast about life and self-discovery arm interviewing friends and all kinds of people who've been doing stuff in life to hear their stories today. I'm interviewing my friend. Tyler mason so a little background for everyone back at home. I'm at tyler. Fifteen years ago and we were pretty inseparable. And so i moved away as i always do and lots of changed in the last few years. So tyler if you can remember. What's your favorite childhood memory with me man. So do probably you kinda like helping me discover just like games and just like honestly you like instill creativity in to me like at a young age. Just because like like helped me be myself especially we were Like elementary school going into like a full medical Together but like especially in high school was just like just being yourself like what your interests are like. Don't let that change you know Depending on how people to pick you up presenting your soil. So i think that's looking back on it. I think that's probably favorite memory. My favorite thing about our relationship is kinda you gotta help me bring out the out of my shell a young age so i think that was a stopping me on. That's really really special. I would have never known that at all and of course back at home. Tyler is the one who actually showed me how to play basketball. It all began with a sunday afternoon of playing. Nba live two thousand and five on xbox. And i've been all over. Nba two k. And everything else sense. Do you still play ball on much. They used to which is crazy when we're playing ball. I thought i would never stop but as you grow. Older things changed in the. I never stopped loving the game. I still watch in big game caused games all the time as much as i can. So kinda sucks right now because of going on so but I try to as much as i can. But yeah not as much but i love the game for sure. Yeah you know. These times are tough because of covid. Nineteen i was actually watching the nba that night And seeing those guys about to go out and play and suddenly they're called back into the locker room they're waving goodbye fans really weird time living in yeah it is but a death rate for two comeback around this weird. It's weird like we'd never been a time where next on sports becomes back. Yeah absolutely so. Of course i gotta ask who. You're rooting for these days. Because i remember one of your favorite players coming up was our guy. Derrick rose yes sir waist now i mean he's still killing so you know it's so great to see him back in action like doing things he to do when he was younger amd before the injuries. So that's always gonna hit home to me But now we're gonna shoot. I'm a die hard fan. So gotta stick with the home team. And i think that's where. I'm going to be forever now. So you know hallelujah identities they holler luca luka luka doncic yes sir so he's been doing really well this year so it's hopi he continues to take down that pass man super exciting kinda back to worry. Worry back in like two thousand tans on six. It was cool like seeing that again deal. Not that is hilarious to me. You know up watching basketball because you of course you introduce me to it. And i would play with the dallas mavericks and i remember the first time we ever played nba live. You're like fill that white button on the xbox controllers alley oops so i would abused that button over and over again and those of you who played. Nba two k. Against me you know. I still views man and i i used to spam so then i showed you and it was done deal. Dwight howard was like coming around low. Yeah on was automatic back. So of course i want to go back. You know back to our childhoods and we were pretty good at school. The two of us though. Of course. I have to admit your always much better at math. I'm sure it's still that way today. Math is just for me but we went to different universities and since then your path has gone the more creative route so today. You're an artist right. Yeah you can say that tricia i. I have like a big goals and aspirations for myself so like When when it comes to titles. I try not to improve so i had turned on like the tidal myself. But like a few if anyone feel like they were a minority super cool new me so thousand to hear that doing by not having title right. Now you're just tyler thing until the time is right right. So where did you go to school for. So starting off i went to school for business premed. So it's actually aspiring doctor Which is super crazy. My father was a certain uncle doctor. Mommsen's the healthcare industries like very heavily influenced sending my family so kind of we all. I knew Especially come on a high school basketball and and like the career in medicine teaching

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