Let's stop this now. Except that you lost the election.


Conspiracy theories all of this stemming from President Trump insisting. That he's won the election that the election was completely riddled with fraud. We're now hearing a number of Republicans, calling the for other Republicans to call the president out. How much damage is being done by what is going on right now, Mark Uh, I can't calculate it. Judy and concrete terms of this, eh? It's dangerous. I mean, America has been the envy of the world has been example to bring millions of people who are shores. Ah, free and open democracy where every voice is heard. Andre to have the elected leader of that nation charged that it is not that that it's corrupt that it's criminal eyes is damaging beyond my calculation on but I just I think I hope it's reparable. But you know, we will. It'll be a while before we find out just how much damage has been done. David help. How deep is the is the damage that's being done? Well. 77% of Republicans or

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