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Shore and okay And they said. Well you've done in between clamp before any lie i had done it on my own but done professionally like yeah so run. Would you like test back. And they were like we're going gonna do it here. It will put you in this room and do it. I'm like okay. I got this. You're causing me so much inside. Because i know how hard bluetooth 'in-betweens can be. Yeah well they they wanted to. You know they would give you cleaned up extremes and you had to do a cleanup between but then also put the cleanup line on it. And so i and they were. They gave me some. A scene from dragon slayer tubes fairly complex. I remember and i. I just got through it and i did a good enough job. That jan naylor there said okay. Looks good and we'll give you some three lance work so that was how i kind of eight during college. Me and my roommate Pick up scenes and clean them up and that would keep us in the akron and cheese. We sustain ourselves but Yet at warners. That was the first full time job i had and i started off on actually interesting because i think everything that i that good. That happened was when times i push myself out of my comfort zone. I was someone who was kind of a little more shy. Gotten over that in college by taking acting classes. But it wasn't really in me to kind of push my way in enza. Here look at my work. So when i went to warner's realize you know i need a job by just graduated the day before and so i took in my portfolio and i remember the Portfolios around the front desk. You're supposed to drop off. And i all have worked before and it was probably maybe ten portfolios but in my mind's is like eight feet tall and probably growing in front just at the time i was just my buddy adam and come over with me. My roommate and he'd like he was waiting. The car is thought. I was just going to drop off the portfolio well I just decided. I need to go in and start talking to people so i kind of walk past the front desk. Like a knew what he was doing. And i turn in the first office which was ended production manager tiny toons. I introduced myself in some very interesting work at tiny too so we don't have any right now but there is a Opening on our show. Tasmania which has narratives. Just were starting work on that and they lost somebody to a place called pixar. The have is dumb idea. They're going to that guy. I'll be back. Crazy thinkers foolishness of his ways and come back anyway Just i happened to hit it at a time when the resulting by the way. Don't do that disney. Because the security wheel escort you out. I just happened to be on a looser there. I can't really recommend that as of course of action. Those way up a comfort zone to do that. I went down and isa go talk to them. You know when this other building. And i found one of the directors doug mccarthy. He was microwaving his lunch time and forced him to admire my work while he was doing this. And sending out to as many devil. You know it's great. We'll go home and and get all my drawings of them. I don't think. I really had any but i spent a week doing drawings of tasmanian devil and any thought they were good enough. I remember i did. One of tasks is hannibal. Lecter with mask on which he would sit by so much Studying of chuck jones. Did you do during this time. I'd always love chuck. Yeah i just. I grown up. You know Staying you know all the the looney tunes particularly love bugs bunny cartoons. So i did. Have you know that kind of influence already. Going for me and You know end So i i was able to adapt to that so it wasn't as as nerve wracking. It might be but for young aspiring animation. This yet was kind of an intimidating. So i did do character. Lay out there On tasmania and then went onto animating. Accident did both care. Truly out later. Character design their whole time. I was does it. You know Wanted to get to feature animations. Oh saw that is as the goal of being able to do. Full animation Mike goldman at some point. Animate bugs bunny and mickey nelson that-that's site leads right. Yeah yeah so as As animator said people New students may not may not be aware of this but a lot of us and maters romanticize the industry in various levels of accomplishment and feature film particularly disney at least when i was in college circa ninety

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