'Wonder Woman' director warns movie-going could become extinct


Tug I took a walk down Hampstead High Street, yesterday, and it was utterly heartbreaking. So many clothes shops. This is something we're just GonNa see more and more of his mood. Yes, I think. So unfortunately and today we're also dealing with a grim warning about the future of cinema and you can decide for yourself whether this is overly pessimistic enough. But Patty Jenkins who sent him a lovers well know as the director of the recent wonder woman movies things movie going actually going to the cinema is facing a real threat of extinction. Now, this because her latest installment of the wonder woman franchise has been delayed three times during the coronavirus pandemic and it's worth remembering that just in the past week the delay of another big movie franchise that James Bond until next year. sparked the UK and US cinema owner cine worlds to actually just give up trying to operate during this pandemic and it's closed at cinemas temporarily. But for the foreseeable another UK chain Odeon is now only opening at weekends I what Potty Jenkins is worried about is that actually if cinemas do closed and during this periods that the process won't be reversible, she thinks we could lose. moviegoing at for movie theater going forever, and she's one of a number of big Hollywood directors harassing the US government for financial aid for cinemas in the US. Anyway. But I guess as you quite rightly pointed one of the dangers of this crisis business close even temporarily or even if they get state aid, will they actually come back because you know cinema is not as essential. As something like aviation at Cinema, the actual act of running and what they call a movie theater is not a super profitable industry. It's actually the film producers who gets a very large share of your ticket price, and that's why the popcorn is. So bloody expensive and of course, producers have the option of bypassing Simas going straight to the net fixes of this world aretha finding. Other ways to monetize by going straight to viewers in their homes whereas cinemas actually need movies to come out to get people through their doors molly through there till. So it is a very, very tricky time for

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