Tyra Banks confirms Coyote Ugly sequel is in the works


After the original coyote ugly. There's a sequel in the early stages we don't need it tyra banks who started in the original revealed that she's been in talks for coyote ugly to it's either going to be a film or a TV series Rideau heard. Bailey. Law School Amy. Hughes in. But I forgot she was even there I'm like, why are we hearing this? If. You still working at the bar twenty years later, you need to reevaluate your life. Especially if. We don't for young. System. Represents. Working at ugly or something like that. I mean I. Took That restaurant. That'd be the Dan the. Berlin. Birgit. Bergmann. Berlin. Yeah CICERO's. Win Whatever wherever it is I don't care where is it should over for like that because suburban town where is Ugly.

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