Award-winning investigative journalist Robert Riggs talks to Podnews



I had a front row seat to evil during thirty years of investigative reporting. I'm Robert Riggs I created true crime reporter to tell the backstory of cases you may never heard of before we asked award winning investigative reporter Robert Raikes how he makes his new podcast true crime reporter. His answers include the best way of taking notes, his experiences in the Gulf War and his favorite podcasts. You'll find it links from our show notes and newsletter today. US listeners and listening to eight percent more spoken word than last year. The highlights from the upcoming spoken word audio report from NPR and Edison Research which will be unveiled on October the thirteenth. The most popular day downloading podcasts as a Thursday that's according to Triton digital's weekly snapshots, Data John off the chief content officer Pierre, x is to retire at the end of this year Kerry Donahue Director of training has already left the company according to her linked in P. R. X. Management have been criticized for lack of diversity in gender equity. Meanwhile, NPR and APM employees have launched a website to change their companies culture. Not everyone is comfortable with New Technology Donald. The podcast gives your podcast. A phone number to call to anyone can listen to your show. Bullhorn also offers a similar experience. Volley is an only APP that allows you to do podcast interviews using audio messages. She's pretty cool and thank you to our latest gold supporter focused right the makers of the scarlet usb audio interface. Grateful to all kinds supporters who allow us to focus more time in improving these everyone you can do that too appalled news dot net slash support. It's a Monday. So time for some textile free claim, the nets have pressure group about cancel culture and Censorship has written about the podcast index saying it's time for an open podcast directory, which is good because we've got one now. Review of Meta data fields associated with podcast RSS feeds is a long paper that linked to today for my show notes and our newsletter. He looks at how people are using data fields in podcasts particularly, I tunes type of Meta data field written by a spotify employees and using data. Also from spotify use a behavior it concludes that outfield is often misleading or confusing, and isn't of much use. The podcast index now has the code in place to support website over two, hundred, sixty, two, thousand podcasts, support it they say they're working on subscribing to those shows are web sub. Shortly, they've also added MIT licenses to their get hub repositories. Paul Friend has added an embedded player, which it feel website. You can see on our embedded player guide to find that links from show notes and our newsletter, and if you want a decent set of similar looking at badges feel website pod page has just published a matching set. And in podcast news journalist, Nathan phone burqas drinks with exceptional people from around the world in a podcast called the trip. Travel, show that combines local perspectives, deep storytelling, an honest conversations that only happen when friends share a bottle. It's from Cabana and we thank them for their support have poured news today political on and politics war room. With James Carville, an hour hunt have formed a new partnership in the lead to the US presidential election. It's the latest podcast now produced by policy con and podcast one is growing this sports net sports programming network adding the Michael. Irvin. podcast to their slate were promised an eight. Round at the end of every podcast. Something we're missing.

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