Clarify Your Priorities With These Two Simple Questions


Clarify your priorities with these two simple questions by melanie leader of a brighter wild dot. com. Hello. Dear friends if someone were to ask you what your priorities were in life chances are good that you spat out some typical answers family health work spirituality maybe things like sports music charitable giving or minimalism make an appearance on your list to. The truth is we all like to say that we prioritize certain things, things that deep down we believed to be important. But how many of US structure our daily lives to reflect those priorities? Making mindful choice to live a simple life often means taking a hard look at the way that we spend our time money and energy. It requires some deep self reflection on our personal truce and behaviors, and usually requires a major changes in order to align our daily lives with the things that we say we believe in. True simplicity calls us into a space of radical honesty asking us to examine the way we have been living in contrast that with the way we want to be living. The first thing to know when you are embarking on a new minimalist journey is that judgment has no place in the process berating ourselves for spending too much time on facebook. Last month is England get us anywhere nor will the self-imposed downward shame spiraled I comes from your most recently blown budget. When we can approach our desire to change with an attitude of acceptance and self love where much more likely to follow through with our goals ride through speed bumps with grace and harvest more meaning along the way. Pinpointing your priorities doesn't have to be hard doesn't require hours in a therapist office or a dozen glue sticks for your vision. Board, of both of these things can be helpful as it could be rather paradoxical if I give you advice on how to simplify your life with long complicated directions in time Kazumi exercises. In the wisdom of like attracts like if you want clarity simplicity and spacious nece, he must begin with those qualities. Being. Clarify your priorities and get your life on track by asking yourself these two simple questions. What do I truly desire and what is standing in my way? These two inquiries really get to the crux of the matter because they ask you to be direct and honest they nudge you to open the dialogue with yourself about your deepest desires and the habits may be blocking their path. These simple questions are all you need to get started follows is completely up to you. Perhaps alone to spend more quality time with your kids or with your significant other, this may be the wake-up call that you need to streamline our emails, put your phone or cut back on your work hours. If you really miss painting playing guitar dismay encourage you to clear the clutter out of your spare room to make a studio space whatever your desire whatever your true priorities are. There are solutions available to you to put those things front and center again. You may be saying to yourself that things aren't that easy. Your Life Justin isn't assemble. There is X Y and Z to be considered and what about this thing over here or that thing over there I'll be honest we all have our roadblocks are doubts or fears especially when it comes to making a radical change in the way we structure our lives. We let our big butts stand in the way of what our spirits are calling for. Maybe you're but is large heavy and well-developed maybe you've taken that but to the gym every day for the last decade reinforcing those excuses over and over until you feel like you can't move anymore. Well, now's the time to start shrinking that but. Rearranging your life so that it more closely reflects your priorities shouldn't be a struggle. We all know on a deep level. What things are really important to us at the end of the day and what things light us up inside. We also happen to be really good at spinning off into worst-case scenarios and allowing our fears to keep us stuck letting each your fly on autopilot until one day a loved one dies the stock market crashes or we get a scary diagnosis. These catastrophic events, always drawer priorities into stark relief but what if we can mindfully clarify them today? If we could decide right now what kind of life we want to be living and make the courageous leap into a simpler more heart centered soul powered existence. Don't wait for a tragedy to strike or for personal loss to be your wakeup call make the changes you want to make. Now all it takes is two little questions.

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