French Open Update


David Lewis just taken a most enormous swig. If he's fifty five percent alcohol gloss of whiskey that he's drinking fit tonight's podcast I David just down. I'm going to have an excellent. Now, this one's going to be my twenty five year old Erin from US sisters whiskey show. Can't wait what percentage is that. Doesn't say. Strong. If it doesn't even say. One of the questions on my. Wanted the submitted questions on my instead. The INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM DOT COM Cuban a this evening. Which I didn't which which I elected not answer although it wasn't my list of potential to answer I just happened not was he drinks to most alcohol as if you met and David. Come kind of like a dog ears elements. The amount I drink. You drink in terms of the offense has. On us is. Massively multiplied in May yes, I did I would probably say me because Matt lives with his parents, which is isn't necessarily party vibes. These boys as we as we speak Davies pouring himself another whiskey. So I didn't instagram INSTAGRAM DOT COM QNA that was fun and some tennis happened. Today and we have a we have all semifinalists. It feels like that sort of just happened. That were the last four stage. I mean, obviously, it hasn't been doing this for seven days but. He kind of feels suddenly like where the the very sharp ended the tournament somehow that is actually. What makes you re remember the this is a grand slam because that always happens every grandson doesn't it the first few days with so many matches to follow in your eyes are everywhere and and you dice are extremely long. They feel like they're going on forever and then you get half and you think well, it's still another nine days to go whatever, and then the next thing you know there's only four days left, which is where we are right now and that comes upon you very quickly and here we are yeah, I mean we've got four days we've got just semifinals and finals to guy. And I'm. I'm reading joined the tournaments, aval enjoyed loads of the matches and. There is a lot still that really. Wet Smile. I. I'm it's been so long since I've been consumed by how we did it all is. I'm just I'm now I'm now anxious about next week when the Guam tennis happening fills lake I've lived in a universe. Grand Slam tennis for so long now obviously, they were the two weeks in between the US Open in the French. But. Even, then I mean that was just a recovery time with the promise of the French. Around the corner and Yeah suddenly we're going to be descended plunged back into the the the battle days a few months ago on Monday in. Yeah it. Far Slums. This year In terms of when you think of the dailies relived shows that as well. We'll think of something the point is that it really feels like like how you should feel when you reaching the business end of and it's really pleasing that it that it feels. That way. You're agree. Yeah pumped pumped an pumped I'm slightly concerned about just how down Catherine was just that was that was a thought I hadn't processed yet, but you're right. It does feel like that and I'm now I'm now also concerned about next week but. Today was slightly we'll have each other and David's secrets of whiskey say we'll be fine. And my sister's got her own shop. As goods that I mean you have to pay for it. Usually the I seem to have got these ones free. Yeah, the twenty five olds recommend that. Of? The war, the twenty, five year old whiskey that I'm. Erin. Yeah. The Tennis Mats Talk About Tennis What happened today? How did you find it what? I think we've been. So you St- in the last few days to some really great days. Today was slightly less good. I would say, overall. I. Mean. The first three matches I think combined took about as long as the team Schwartzman match did yesterday's it's just a very different pace to the day. But what I would say is that all the winners were probably the ones we would have expected to win just about they're probably the favorites and they've set up to very exciting semifinals of come from these matches. So as much as today didn't always hold my interest for the entire day in terms of the competitiveness of the matches I think they've set us up for a couple of very, very exciting semifinals

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