Broncos-Patriots game still on despite another Patriot star testing positive for COVID-19


Republicans reports out of Dub Valley say Drew lock has been throwing the football, but he has yet to get out on the practice field. Meanwhile, ESPN is Dan Graziano thinks even though another Patriots players tested positive for covert 19 after Cam Newton, the game probably will be played on Sunday. Terms of the Patriots Broncos get it's going to depend on what happens next. They will do the contact tracing for Stefan Gilmore. Theywill do further testing if there's if the contact tracing and further testing reveals no further problems. It's possible the Patriots Broncos game could go on a scheduled Sunday, albeit likely without Stefan Gillman. If it does go on, we'll, of course have it for you. Our coverage schedule to start with Bronco warmer with B. K Sunday at 8 A.m. kickoff to

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