Rams hold off Giants 17-9; Ramsey, Tate fight after game


Moments after the Rams hard-fought win over the giants. Physical game, Jalen Ramsey and golden tate. Tate the giants wide receiver Ramsey, the rams, all world quarterback. Healy. Chuckling here engaged in a fight near the fifty yard line this is a very chippy game throughout there is some personal drama, very personal, Ramsey, and tate have a public feud regarding a family situation. Ramsey has two young daughters with Tate's younger sister and even though it got should be right after the game. If you were watching it big midfield scrum according to our Jordan Ronin who covers the giants twenty, four, seven, three, sixty, five, but could have been worse because get this key Ramsey was waiting outside of the giants locker room for Tate to emerge. But round two of this fight gladly was

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