Stressed Out; Not Sleeping? Nutritional Solutions To the Rescue


And people that are successful with drinking water will. Just. Have a water bottle with them all the time I like to fill up my favorite water bottle in when it's empty, I actually have a checklist in fill it right back up again sometimes I'll even bring like two bottles with me wit especially with the pandemic a lot of you know drinking fountains and Are Not available. So you WANNA make sure like I've been bringing to bottles of water. And get to that eight to ten glasses per day and I just wanted to put in a plug for there are some really good water tracking. APPS and all a lot of people are using their phones for tracking know calendars food. So if you would like to track your water, you could just google. There's a lot of variety of water tracking APPs that's right and just a few days ago a client told me that whenever she wants to change a behavior, she writes it down on a little note card or maybe some people are using journal. You could write a goal in your journal or an APP that w another great way to use that. That tool and when she completes the positive behavior, she gives herself a little star. So my client was able to get off sugar by using this simple reward technique, but we were talking about water, and so every time you drink a glass of water, you can give yourself a star that's another goal you can have in process. And habit number three is eat real food several times per day. At. Least four times per day and here's a good example of a real food breakfast. I will frequently make patties and you know you can use Turkey you can use ground Turkey ground, chicken, ground pork, sometimes I use a combination of two of those mix them together. By seasoned or you can season at yourself and shape it into patties and you want to have about three to four ounces per patty. sautee some onions veggies can do any veggies, carrots, green beans sweet potatoes are some options It's a great tasting breakfast that will balance your blood sugar for several hours and it's just kind of a nice switch from always having in the morning. So that's why I wanted to bring up that breakfast patty. And you know it is time for our first break. We'll talk a little bit more about real food several times a day.

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