Trump 'Itching' to Get Back on Campaign Trail


Daniel Lippman, White House reporter at Politico and author of Politicos Great Weekend reads column to offer some thoughts about the president now after his return to the White House. And of course, the president has been seen not worrying a mask on his return to the White House. He did mask to take a a brief trip outside Walter Reed Hospital. Two way but his supporters, both of which have gotten him a considerably more grief from those inclined to do so, Daniel. Sometimes it almost seems to be like the president seeks out ways in which he can receive grief for people. Yeah, That's one way to put it. Hey, is very good at Felicity. Negative reaction from His detractors. And so it seems like every day comes up with new ways ahead, which is just so amazing. But, you know, I think he wants to project strength he wants to say he used in the final stages of beating this virus. But what he doesn't realize are you not acknowledging that he's getting the best medical care? He has a huge team of doctors, nurses the best in the world world class. Medicines and trials He's on on. Most Americans are not president, and they don't have access to all of them on stuff to make their illness better, and number seven million Americans have gone coronavirus 210,000 people have died. I am wondering about his actual status. There's some mixed signals on that. We were told in the beginning everything was fine than the White House chief of staff offered thoughts that the president was in fact, in a bit of distress for awhile, then we're told the president was very angry at At that view being expressed that he has, of course since then tried to exhibit Ah ah! Ah, A man who is ah, on top of it, if you will, although I'm not sure in the case of the Corona virus when when symptoms can vary so much from severe all the way down to asymptomatic. Do we really have a handle? On just how the president is doing. Hey, seems to be doing better. But Aah! If you watched the video of him on the Truman balcony, he was gasping for air a little bit, and so Chalk it up to the trip or what? Not, but still on that, you know, leaving the Drudge report, you know, read by millions of conservative in the girls tonight on, you know, there's the family's kind of divided in that. Don Jr and the kids. They were little. Some of the kids were little apprehensive. At what You know how trump kind of operated in terms of how you want to get out of the hospital. He wanted to do that. Ah, joyride last night that exposed on those agents. Oh, And so that is a really concern in kind of trump world that ah, whether he has learned the right lessons from this pandemic, or is he going to continue to Kind of ignore mainstream doctor's advice. Right. And what does that mean for her kind of the future of the Corona virus outbreak in America when they can't even keep the president safe? Well now You know the rest. American allies under all is well all is under control. Looking at the campaign now, with four weeks and a day as we speak left Until we actually arrive at election night, although many ballots who have already been cast Uh, do we have any indication at all of how this is all playing? Is there Ah, a sympathy vote for the president. Are there those who consider his behavior to be reckless, which presumably would be against the president? Do we know how this is playing politically? Um, yeah. So we don't know exactly. How every has returned to the White House is plain. But there is AH, you know, senior citizens. He is not doing that well in among them because They have been the worst affected by the pandemic. Ah, and they kind of look at his behavior and they think it's been reckless, irresponsible, having huge rallies. Not social distancing of 30 people so far, who have gotten Dick. These tested positive for the Corona virus that have interacted with Trump in last week on so we can have so that is causing really concern among Republicans say that You know, they feel like the That they've kind of already lost on that the next month. It's only gonna kind of feel the deal. They are very pessimistic about having about how to turn around. The campaign on DH. They see, Trump has not even able to go on the campaign trail that that's just what do we know about whether or not the president is in fact going to resume campaigning? What do we know about the fate of the final two presidential debates after the Wednesday night vice presidential debate? So it is a bit Unclear when he'll return because it just depends on the health. And that's TBD. Uh, day by day process. He hasn't hit the 78 Day seven or eight. During his illness, those air in the critical days. That could go Either way, Khun Go turns severe, uh, you know, go back to the road to recovery or continue on that road in that, you know, that's Wednesday or Thursday. And Thursday and so Be, uh, you know, there is a kind of a feeling that There's mixed messages out of the White House. The lack of good staffers. You have a staff doctor. They are. They don't have tons of credibility, so that makes it harder for her. Them two for Americans to believe what they're saying, and that hurt the campaign as well. And so trump where she wants to go back to those rallies. Get that adulation, but He's having to put that on all because Doesn't want to, you know, exposed, you know lots of people, and I don't think Americans would want to go to those rather in the first place. How has this affected the Biden Harris campaign? Well, they're of course, they say the right things about praying for the president's health coming back. But They are, you know, and they're actually happy, too. Give it to a more positive message. Everyone's who were on the road. They're not stuck in a basement anymore. And so that makes it easier for them too. Kind of point to that there the party of normalcy that I want to, you know, really put America safely. Um, And so, while the trump campaign kind of fuzzy avert their virtual events Other things like that. So buying campaign feels like they're way out in the polls. 14 points. NATIONAL Horton NBC News Wall Street Journal, Um, left It leaves in other states that are in other polls. And so they found a much stronger position than Hillary Clinton was. Much more widely despised of the campaign, then

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