Lucid Dreamer

Full Body Chills


Hi. If you're listening to this it means. I'm. I'm. Debt. Sorry I. Hate when people circle that I mean I get someone's final words it's it's depressing and they suck. I. Guess they don't really suck their sad but Vince isn't sad. I'm just going to rip it off like a band aid and say I. I died or technically. Going to die obviously haven't died yet not really looking forward to that. I just. I just want everyone to know that I'm sorry. This isn't anyone's fault but my own I just I know that I'm out of options now so It's best if you hear what I have to say. I'M GONNA. Crazy but. If you're hearing this. I I died in a dream I think. Listen, I know how it sounds but things have been happening and I know that the next time I fall asleep it will probably get worse and I don't think I'll be able to wake up. And I even have proof. You should have seen a burnt VHS tape beneath this recorder. And you can't. You can't watch it anymore because we'll. Burnt it like I did that but it was real Israel right there. So you know I didn't make this up. Anyway I I know that when I go to sleep I'm, GONNA be. Trapped. I'm not sure if that's totally how it works. I haven't quite figured out that part yet but because of that, I haven't slept in a few days and. Obviously, I'm. I'M NOT GONNA be able to go on like this. Forever you know. So I just WanNa, tell you about it. So no one's left wondering. It. All basically comes down to a dream and it's this reoccurring dream that I've had ever since I was little and I. I mean, I still have at least like once a month but it's becoming more frequent now. It's not a nightmare or anything or I mean at least it wasn't when i? Let, me just describe it, I. It always starts with me walking into this diner. It's got that old late fifties charm to it kind of wide with chequered floors and cherry red seats except. They won't read because in the dream everything is black and white. But in my mind I, knew they should be read. Anyway I am inside and they're behind the counter is the attendant. He's Big Guy Wearing. All White Little Soda Jerk Hat. He's got his back to me while he's cleaning something on the counter. There's a little desk bell that I rang accept it makes no noise I mean actually there's there's no noise at all in the dream. When I was little and would wake up from the dream used to imagine that. That made the most beautiful sound in the world like. Almost like a perfect core. Almost as soon as I hit the bow I, start to lose track of time in the dream, and suddenly my order is right there on a plate. The Guy Behind the counter doesn't turn around even as I take the plate to my usual seat in my usual booth. I don't know if you've ever had a recurring dream before but. For me it's almost like I'm watching a home movie for the hundredth. Time? I'm seeing all these things happen and. It's like I kind of know what will come next but I'M I'm not like in control. Exactly. It's more like I'm going through the motions. I know exactly where to sit because I've sat there one hundred times before. When I sit down I, find that I already have a fork and knife in hand. The food looks delicious. Almost too delicious in a way that you really can only dream about. It's fuzzy as dreams are, but I think what's on my plate is something between. Eggs pancakes maybe a burger. I eat it though I don't exactly remember eating it but I know that's what happens. When I'm done, I look to see a black cat clock with its tail swinging from side to side. The time is to twenty one. A lot of people say you can't tell time in dreams, but that's not doesn't true. Just uncommon for some people I mean, I see it time in my dreams so it can be impossible, right? Anyway, I get this feeling like I need to be somewhere not here. So I get up and walk I walk through the long diner what feels like a minute. But what couldn't be more than a few seconds? The counter attendant is still wiping down the back counter when I opened the front door and leave. Then I wake up. It's a weird dream. I mean, most people have recurring dreams about losing control of their car not studying for a test but not me though I mean I've had those dreams a couple of times too. But this dream it's It's weird.

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