Another week gone, Brexit trade talks remain stuck


Talks are nearing the wire with about a month to go to close a follow up deal on trade and customs between the European Union in the UK It's Teri Schultz reports, the coronavirus added yet Another delay You chief Brexit negotiator Michele Barnier says he's out of self isolation now and headed back to London to meet his British counterpart, David Frost, a member of Bunnies team tested positive for the Corona virus several days ago, postponing face to face meetings. There are just five weeks to go before the EU and U K must have completed an agreement on new post Brexit rules governing trade and customs practices, a deal which must also be ratified by parliament's on both sides by the end of the year. The sticking points remain fishing rights and the creation of what the U calls the level playing field with penalties. Applicability. Either side breaks the rules for NPR news. I'm Teri

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