Gig workers weigh in on Prop 22 passing


Voters approved proposition twenty two a ballot measure that says drivers for apps like uber. Lift and instacart will remain independent contractors not employees. Those companies spent nearly two hundred million dollars on a marketing campaign supporting prop twenty two the campaign ads like this one from lift said the measure would actually be good for workers because it comes with a minimum wage and health care benefits for some but if drivers are forced to become employees up to ninety percent of at been striving jobs could disappear to be clear. That's because the gig companies wouldn't hire all those drivers gig drivers in california and around. The country have mixed views on the law. We talked to some of them. Prop twenty two. I voted for. Because i don't want to be an employee doing it as an independent contractor. Make my own hours work when i want to work. I'm glad it wasn't proved one of the best thing about. This is the flexibility of it. And it would've taken away a lot of those like ps. What is con- front of me doing the thing that they said. Do you like having your independence in your ability to choose. your own. Ships were despite if they were required to classify his employees. It doesn't mean you couldn't choose your own chips it's a fallacy. I wish that we could bring both sides to the table. You know because of were treated like employees or we're not paid like employees. Would it be nice for them to set. Maybe a 401k or retirement plan sure but i wasn't really contributing to that in my other job from this outcome. Maybe they are guaranteeing that hey no matter what you're gonna make so much money per rider per hour. Whatever however they figure it out he is going on for so long without any parameters rules any laws and it's just gotten out of hand. You know i i will not get up and start my car for less than twenty dollars. I won't i live in las vegas where it can get to be one hundred and twenty degrees and they want me to go in and shop for somebody and drive you know say five miles and they wanna pay me seven dollars for that. It's like no. I mean no but you know what somebody will. And that's the thing somebody will and they know that so. They don't have to pay more sick. Leave that one would be nice You know. I'm not going to kill myself if i don't get it. And my independence is a lot more than that. That was karen rinky in san antonio. Also sharon going in las vegas mike cole vard in fresno california an evan marquette in los angeles a note on pay prop twenty two requires companies to pay drivers at least one hundred twenty percent of minimum wage. Which in california. In two thousand twenty one would be over fifteen dollars an hour but a study from uc. Berkley says. that number doesn't count for a lot of things. Workers won't be paid for the time they spend driving around in between passengers or reimbursed for things like gas the study says once you add in those and other costs the wage floor would be over five dollars an hour

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