Darnold Struggles In Return As New York Jets Manage Just 3 Points Against Miami Dolphins, Fall To 0-11


Try to stay in playoff position and actually stay within shouting distance inside the F C East got a gift. Today They got an opportunity to play the Jets at MetLife Stadium any seven and two in there last nine meetings with New York and even though they didn't have to it today, My in Fitzpatrick. The former New York Jets showed well, 257 yards in a couple of touchdown passes on the day Miami gets the victory by a score of 22 3 dip on tape Parker 119 yards through the air Today, Mike is sticky with a touchdown catch Miami now sitting at seven and four. At Cincinnati next week. Here is very much inside this playoff race in the A F. C. The other side, Sam Darnel returned from injury after missing sometime 197 yards today. No touchdowns did throw a couple of interceptions on the day. The Jets have now scored fewer than 20 points in eight games this season. That's the most in the NFL. Teams of your taking A look at 2000 and Detroit Lions and 2017. Cleveland Browns on Lee two teams to go on 16 jets, sir part of the way they're almost three quarters now at all, and 11, other New

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