Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis Agree To Five-Year $190 Million Contract


Anthony davis got a lotta time. He could build a whole olympic sized jacuzzi now with his hundred and nine hundred million dollar contract. Five years l. c. Four years stared teed without an opt-out it's all guaranteed but i'm saying four years concurrent better said and then a option for the fifth year player option. It's look it has been a great week. If you're the los angeles lakers. Obviously it's a great week of your anthony davis and the davis family lebron james and the james family and it's been a great week for jeanie buss who you mentioned but i'm gonna add one more person. It has been a great actually. Great couple of weeks for rob pelinka and a guy that you and i and a lot of us have all a couple years ago now. We're critical of because there was some stuff and moves that were questionable but none since the last two off seasons and he has not only nailed it. But i think he had the best off season of anyone in the sport so he needs deserves all the kudos in the world.

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