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Just found out from spotify's wrapping up twenty twenty saying that all the podcasts are seem to be sharing this year in twenty twenty. There was four thousand and fifty. Four minutes of material uploaded to this podcast. Which is crazy. Thank considering that. How long was that. We had had a break in sports so over. Four thousand minutes. So that's pretty awesome Thank you to all the guests that appeared on this. Podcast definitely appreciate it and definitely really good listening material if you haven't heard any of them again the place to go is syndey. Pod dot com. It's time for mallon's mailbag and now it's time to answer the questions. That's what the rogue pro just said right so we'll start off with the first one and previous guests. Jt's zambo ask you think we get through the winter to crown high school. Sports champs are not. Well i thought about. I thought about all these questions how i wanna answer them. You don't hear a lot of But that's still might happen anyway. Will we crown high school sports champs this winter it can go either. Two ways which i know is kind of a b. spn answered the worldwide leader of bs. But it just depends what happens with the corona virus and the vaccine updates and everything if numbers get worse especially when it gets colder. I say no and i think it ends Before we get to the point we did where we were about to crown girls basketball champs boys basketball jams ice hockey champs and wrestling as well i i think that if it gets shut down it's going to happen earlier than it did last season now if the numbers kind of drop off and spaces and hospitals and icu's intensive care units Open up then. Yeah we crown high school sports champs. And i i'm just trying to think you know of everyone involved because there's no outdoor sports in the winter. It's too cold but you know what my honest take is. We'll probably crown champs. Think eventually the numbers will start to dwindle down. I hope that's just you know. Hopefully that happens. And not just my curious optimism on that but i honestly think we will crown champs. I know the heads that oh hsa a are definitely you know green lighting winter. Sports as you can tell You know we got ice hockey. Go on basketball's just heating up. I think rustling starting to go swimming bowling chess. Which you know. I still can't believe there's chest as a sport that's awesome. Hopefully one day gets broadcast chest. Apparently there's a chance for me to broadcast bowling which Yeah that's a first for me. So hopefully that does come true I chance to broadcast swimming. But that's before. Everything's official so i don't want to you know. Count my chickens for the hatch so jt. Yes i think. We do crown highschool champs this winter but things have to go in the right direction if it keeps going up and all the counties turn purple which is in ohio level severe outspread. Then no but i think we ground champs so a lot of these next questions are from the good folks at twelve ounce sports definitely check them out twelve hundred sports radio dot com a lot of great podcast live shows and our goals upload by these fine folks

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