Jennifer Lawrence Still Has Sleepovers

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Jalen is married but not quite ready for full on a thing she was on dear media media's absolutely not with Heather McMahon, love you heather McMahon and revealed something she has not given up. I'm married and I have some properties like once a week like. Didn't you have won last night. Did my friend came over and. It was not planned, but she ended up spending the night and we slept in my bed and my husband's such an guest. Was He. pissed resilient. Yeah. It's fine. It's a slumber party. He no knows the drill. Okay. Okay. Hunter let's just try to keep your mind out for one second. Is this weird? Would you would you be pissed at this was your girlfriend and she wanted to have a slumber party with her friend in your bed and you had to sleep in the guest room? No. Okay finally up against the door with a cup, you know she's going to act like a fifteen year old. So Am I.. Your to the door just listening Meghan should not talking to see if there's any pillow fight tapping. Yeah I'm sure that's what you're listening for it is. Actually. A cute thing I think as we kind of get older. We all kind of realize that you stop doing things with your friends especially as you get deeper into relationships, hunter brings up a good point though because as one of the last single sanding friend like single people in my friends group, I feel like when people get married, they do get surgically attached to their partner and I love the J. largest. Like, has Herman on unlock. She's like you go to the other room also girly sleepovers. They're just like the best like bonding you get to tell secrets post meets like McDonald's watch Disney movies like I love girl sleepovers. I. Like boy sleepovers too. But obviously, those are happening less frequent now that we're in

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