The Human Body Survival Guide


And now for something completely different. No not that no. After all the warriors in this sign show even more as you look out the window or turn on the news here's a fellow to help you survive over to you George. Hello. My Name is George Ivanov author of the Human Body Survival Guide. With this book on looking at all the weird and wonderful things about our bodies and all the gross stuff as well. My name has been to try and make signs fun and accessible for kids. So although the human body survival guide contains information on biology medicine, medical technology, and so forth, I presented in a quirky and humorous way. The idea is that the information is being related by fictional character someone that young readers can identify with. Thirteen year old boy obsessed with computer games. He gets to make comments and jokes about the information and even makes pop culture comparisons along the way. In this book he has to do a school project about the human body, but he's really squeamish I'm thinks everything about the human body is gross and horrible. But since he has to residual this information, he's determined to share it with others. So I'll read a little bit now from chapter one to give you an example. The wrapping. Your skin is like the rapping that keeps all your grossness from view except of goals that your skin has grossness all of its own. From a distance, it may look. Okay. But get closer and you'll find all sorts of icke stuff from pimples to wards to boils not to mention pause and oil and sweat and Oh mg if you look at it under a microscope. And as you get older, your skin starts to wrinkle you get ring clear and ring clear until you look a bit like a prune. On the bright side, it does keep your insides inside. Imagine if you didn't have any skin and all your guts and other innards were hanging out all over the place poking out between your bones and muscles. On just freaked myself out with that image. was telling you. Oh Yeah. Skin also regulates your temperature and keeps jumps out and it's pretty good at repairing itself, which is really handy. So there is a definite focus on the gross in this book because kids love that sorta stuff. So, this book contains we and Poo and Snot and spew it has secretions excretion and it has parasitic infestations. In fact I'm going to read you about my favorite parasitic infestation. EYELASH MITES EYELASH MITES are microscopic parasitic bugs they live in and around the hair follicles of your eyelashes or in the subconscious glands actually despite their name, they also live in and around your eyebrows as well. They are arachnids and have eight legs they feed on dead skin cells and skin oils. More. Than fifty percent of people have them on their eyelashes and most of the time it's not a problem but occasionally, some people might get an infestation. With an infestation, you might get itching brittle eyelashes, the break and fall off or a burning sensation. Infestations are treated by using special wipes and a cream to kill the MITES. Gross things in his book are rated with a gross meantime from completely on grows through two totally ultra gross the eyelash minds by the way, they get a rating of disgustingly gross. Over the course of the our character comes to realize just how amazing and cool the human body actually use that it's versatile and adaptable. It has an incredible capacity to repair itself and it can also be a bit weird which means that I could include you know all bits of information such as race. Scientists say quote the human body literally glimmers. According to a two thousand nine study by scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan Human Beings. It's just that are human is a two week to see the light, which is one thousand times lower than the sensitivity of our is. The study was conducted by putting people into a light proof room and photographing them with spatial light sensitive cameras. So, the book contains a whole bunch of little snippets like this with information from you know biochemical limbs to cochlear implants from nose picking to human hamels search something for everyone I guess. As. An awesome. This book has been really interesting I'm not a scientist. I'm not a doctor I'm a writer who just happens to be interested in science. So since I'm not an expert in the field with an amassed body of knowledge, I had to do lots of research and I adore doing research on subjects I'm interested in it's one of the things about being kids author. So I read a lot of books about biology visited a stack of medical websites and then also worked cross-referencing will that information to make sure that I had multiple sources every fact that I included in the book Overall. Had A lot of fun with the research and the writing. So I thought I'd finish things up with my favorite bids. Wherever we go. We leave bits of ourselves behind we lose strands of hair every day we don't clip our fingernails and toenails we leave behind. We leave fingerprints when we touch things. Then there's all that spit when we sneeze and cough about what's the grossest stuff that we leave behind and Redo it all the time. Did. Skin. Lots of animals like snakes and lizards shed their skin as they grow. That's not what humans do we do it bit by Bit You drop about thirty to forty thousand dead skin cells every minute. That's a lot of skin. Georgieva Nov. in Melbourne, with his deliciously gross book, the Human Body Survival Guide out in paperback soon. But now available in picturesque car back.

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