The Walmart Haul


First Up, we have a lot of warm products which hopefully remained warm. Before we try them first up. We have Kellogg's brand new waffles in fun flavors. I have to say, I was like freaking out we have two flavors to try today but there was a third flavor we didn't get that was super cute. The flavors were trying our Unicorn which tastes like cotton candy and birthday cake, which is yellow cake with rainbow. Sprinkles. These are not only available at Walmart. They're also at target Safeway and more and what I noticed about these is that they're very large large like the size of rigging frozen waffles do smell amazing they really do. And I, also GONNA say usually frozen waffles tastes the same I have high hopes for these I think these are gonna be different. What are you trying I? What's the Yellow One? Is What the Unicorn? Birthday. Look it looks like a birthday. Okay. Let's go birthday cake. Okay. That tastes like a birthday cake. These are really moist. They taste like cake. That's really good and the stats are really not bad hundred and thirty calories per waffle two and a half grams of fat five smart points. But I want to say one thing like these are not I feel like in the past like four or five weeks, we've tried a lot of frozen waffles. And they're all the same even the ones who trader Joe's that are Pumpkin flavored. There's something about this waffle. That's a little special do agree. Yeah. Definitely, and I was just noticing that you don't need butter or Maple Syrup on that. I mean this is just fine by itself. You know I totally grandma try the Unicorn cotton catches interesting because they have such perfectly deep wells. What do you call those nooks and crannies? what do you call in English mapping it is. Yeah. Waffle House. Yeah. They're really Nice deep-sea coach and a lot of Sierra remade ours pacman. Oh cute wait. What are the little dots in this one? Sheri's berries I think right and cotton candy. I like the birthday cake more. Yes, that's amazing. These are amazing. Kellogg's makes eggo right. But these are not under the eggo brand I. Don't think are they know? They're not. So you don't have to leg that is really interesting for her. Nope you don't have to go your Lego Mike. Okay next we are trying this is a product that I find very exciting and unique foster farms. The chicken people they have a new product called bold bites. They're marketed as kids bowl by. So they're like you get these in the fridge section and they're small individually wrapped packs like pouches of chicken and they come in flavors we have Taco and pizza today and what I really love about these portion controlled. It's sort of like saying, Hey, kids you can snack on chicken like like from being I would just dump this pouch. It tastes good into super on top of a salad it's fifty calories worth-a-chicken. Looks Amazing what are we trying? Why did you get all the fun flavors like Taco, Pizza, I can't open. which WANNA restarting with them pastor, which can open pizza Jamie can open I. Don't have the strength. s these high in sodium. No. Not really right. Three clear to read the sodium for those of us who don't have our reading. It's three fifty, which is not terribly. No this is good. I would not say tastes like pizza but I would put this on a pizza at fifty calories worth. Let's see. We got spicy lally trion. That's good but I feel like it's a stretch to call at pizza. Wait I a little bit of like Italian seasoning. Okay. Yeah. No I like it I like the concept I like creative. Let's try the TACO. Just I'm impressed and it tastes like white meat chicken breast doesn't taste like unidentifiable parts of a chicken. TACO measure making tacos. That is excellent first of all. This is what I would do. I would take those new cauliflower Ortega Taco shells that they sent us same thing and I would just like loaded up and make a chicken Taco out of this. Don't goods while he? Put it over, put it over cauliflower rice and then scuba salsa. These? This is great. This particular flavor. Terrific I don't WanNa give any preliminary ratings but it will rate. Hi.

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