First 'murder hornet' nest discovered in US


Discovered in the U. S. Now they've got to find out how to kill the insects ASAP. The Washington State Department of Agriculture says they've located an Asian giant Hornet nest on a private property and Blaine Washington. The double. USDA says they're going to try and destroy the nest tomorrow after plans to wipe it out today were dashed due to inclement weather. Entomologists found the nest after a trapper caught to live murder Hornets. This Wednesday, using a new type of trap. Two more Hornets, also living were found in another trap yesterday and entomologists attached radio trackers to the big buggers. They stayed in a place unlike the ones a couple weeks ago that fell off and these radio trackers led them to the nest. It's pretty scary. The nest is inside a tree near an area cleared for a residential home. And authorities counted dozens of murder Hornets entering and exiting the tree. Murder Hornets usually nest in the ground, but sometimes they pick a dead tree for their home base.

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