Seattle - Washington state sees record hospitalizations


But 19 hospitalizations in the U. S. Have now reached their highest point. Since May and here in Washington state hospitalizations have hit an all time high coma. News has learned. Plans are underway to scale back some non urgent procedures. Comas Camilla reports in the throes of the cove in 19 pandemic, the Evergreen state once again, setting a new record Saturday. This time, it's the number of hospitalizations due to the virus 762 people. Now taking up beds, according to the covert tracking project. I'm very, very worried about it. Cassie Sour is the CEO of the Washington State Hospital Association in various president State hospitals are beginning to cut back on elective surgeries. We've learned that U W medicine is actively contacting patients to postpone some surgeries, specifically, those that would require a stay of some kind post op that's not faceless Caesar. Joint replacements, heart valve replacements. Even you know, potentially some cancer surgeries being canceled to make sure that there's room for covered patient. Some good news. Many in the medical field are saying Washington state health care workers might have access to a vaccine by the middle of next month.

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