Millions stick to Thanksgiving travel plans despite urgent COVID-19 warnings


Tested before. I'm getting tested when I land. And then I went for my results. And then if I'm negative, I'll see my family and I'm staying for a month and a half. Health officials are warning even a negative test doesn't mean you may not be infected and have been urging people not to gather beyond their household or travel for Thanksgiving. Yet more than three million people in the U. S blue this weekend, according to the T s A, but some traveling out of necessity, like Karen, bringing her daughter home from college back to Kansas Sky came because she has to completely move out of the dorm. And then come back in January. So we're bringing her back home. So Yeah. Do you feel better having her back home? Oh, absolutely. Yes. Her daughter studying at F I T tested before being allowed to come home, and they canceled their usually large Thanksgiving dinner. Samantha leap in 10 10 waiting, said LaGuardia Airport in

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