Trump campaign legal team distances itself from Powell


Be held above anyone else Menendez point the people like the four of us. The people in this chat room we stand up and we say no more. And that's when we start seeing the divisions in the streets. That's when we start seeing open fighting in the streets people do get it out in the streets. And and i'm saying this partially based on an experience that i had today And partially based off. Of what i see the temperature of a lot of these. Larger gatherings are becoming something as simple as my son's baseball game today and by the end of that ballgame. The black referee umpire. The game told all the parents and the kids in the just the fifteen year old kids that were out there just to play baseball though. We were all a bunch of racist crackers. This is the division that we're looking at this is the powder keg than's beams set along our borders this the division that i'm talking about this division finally get split up and the american government can handle it anymore that powder keg is going to go off in the first thing that's going to happen. Is that the military is gonna fracture that fractures going to split the military into two separate. Half's those people who believe whether they agree with the government or not that the government is the one who is in control and it's going to be in the other side is going to be the people who that the people are

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