Biden expected to announce Tony Blinken as secretary of state


And the person that is tipped to be his secretary of State. Antony Blinken Telesco years. So I'm not a blink monologist, but I have known him since high school. We were in the same class. 40 years ago, Maurine in Paris, And if biography is personality, I think Tony's biography tells the whole story. He was an American in Paris, living with a stepfather who was the youngest survivor of Auschwitz. And an international lawyer trying to build ties between them the eastern bloc and and the West. And in those four elements. I think it captures Tony's identity. He was an American, and he believes very strongly in America in America's role in the world. As you know, for him a country that can that can really change the landscape, the global landscape, But it wasn't Paris. And so he saw how others Europeans in particular. View the United States at times very unfavorably as a country that tries to bully in that tries to impose its way rather than to work with others. The fact that his step that was who he was, I think from knowing Tony, it imbued in him a strong feeling of, you know, fighting for human rights and fighting for the defense of people, vulnerable people, whether they're refugees or whether they're people who are affected by conflict. And lastly, an international lawyer who tried to broker ties between a time the Soviet Union and Europe. I think that is the diplomat and Tony, who tries to Put himself in other people's shoes and what is going to insist very much on a resumption of multilateral, very transatlantic view of the world. So all those people who have been so nervous on terrified by the damage that they perceived the Trump administration had done to international alliances, institutions internationally collaboration and so on. Will be very pleased that Antony Blinken is the man who is tipped to be the secretary of state. It is true, though, isn't it? That foreign policy may not actually be Joe Biden's pressing issue, given the impact of covert 19 in the United States. Correct. I mean his priority. I think the part of the administration is going to be domestic because of the health implications of the pandemic and the economic implications of the pandemic. I mean, we're facing a as much of the world is a severe economic crisis. And I'm not having mentioned that the racial tensions and the polarization of a country that has gone through an election, the result of which is still not been acknowledged by the by the sitting president and many of his followers, so the party's going to be domestic. Joe Biden is somebody who is a senator. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Foreign policy is in his DNA's A Tony Blinken is probably his closest partner. When it comes to Ah, colleague when it comes to foreign policy, So I think you're going to see a big emphasis on the themes that you just mentioned, which is re stitching multilateral alliances. Resuming U. S participation in some of the treaties and some of the organizations that President Trump withdrew from. But both the president and Antoni if he is, in fact, if he does become secretary of state are going to face a world that is very different from the world that they were they were participating in the Obama administration is short four years ago. Image of the United States the credibility of the United States the fragmentation of the world order. Everything has accelerated over the last four years. Well, let's talk about some of the treaties that he might decide to rejoin. We we know that on on climate change, he is going to rejoin the Paris accord. It's also been reported that Jake Sullivan, another Joe Biden adviser, is expected to be named his national security advisor. And in the context of the J C P o a the Iran nuclear deal. The combination Of Tony Blinken and Jake Sullivan. Pretty significant. And let's not forget that as you're buying himself, wrote an article not long ago in which he said that the U. S. Should rejoin the JCP away if Iran agrees toe come back into compliance with his provisions. So that has been a commitment that he made during the campaign. It's by the way, the position that I think every other maybe, with one exception, every other candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination made So I think it is. The intent of it would be the intent of the administration to come back in. Now That's easier said than done. They're going to be obstacles. Iran is not in compliance, President Trump has added and continues to add weekly a huge number of sanctions that are going to be Difficult to deal with. But the intense that projector I think has been clear. And as you say, with both Tony Blinken and Jake Sullivan again, if both of them if the rumors are confirmed, I think you have a pretty strong sense that That's what the United States is going to try to do, and we'll work with European partners and others to get there. Robert Malley, president and CEO of

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